Material Handling Carabiner for Mountaineering

Material carabiner – for the plus of equipment

Why do we need material carbine? Alpine Mountaineering or sport climbing in ice and Rock it can be fast once tight belt Although the gear loops often provide sufficient space, are resilient but not until in the immense. Remedy here material carbine, which expand the space available in the harness or in the backpack. Also keep the hands free and the equipment is even more quickly at hand. A material carabiner is designed only for the mounting of additional equipment and must never be included in the backup chain.

All of the material carabiner

Material carabiners are lighter than normal carabiner and may be missing on any tour. Because with them, not only chalk bag, Expressen sets, can be fasten the harness ice screws, nuts or other utensils. So material carbine are suitable to attach washing lines or hanging material or headlamps in the tent as well. Prove the small accessory carabiners quite all purpose qualities but also in everyday life and are in an urban area such as keychains in use.