Mark Peter Gertruda Andreas Van Bommel

Soccer player Mark van Bommel was in 2012 still an important player. He is not just an extravagant life, you come to him relatively little to the tabloids. Mark van Bommel excels with his play on the football field and in big clubs like PSV, Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich played. He has won the Champions League and was standing with Orange also in the final of the 2010 World Cup makes van Bommel on his promise and he will ever return to PSV? In short, who is this football player Mark van Bommel?

Mark van Bommel

Mark Peter Getruda Andrea van Bommel, as it is officially called, was born April 22, 1977 in Maasbracht. He is married to Other van Marwijk, the daughter of Bert van Marwijk. Along with other Mark van Bommel has three children.

The Football Career of Mark van Bommel

His youth
Mark van Bommel has learned his football knowledge and develop within RKVV Maasbracht. This football club was founded shortly after the Second World War is still proud of his pupil, as stated on the website where you can track the performance of Mark.
1992?? 1999: Fortuna Sittard
His talent did not go unnoticed and in season 1992-1993 Mark van Bommel will make his debut as a professional footballer in the Premier League at Fortuna Sittard. He had just turned 16. The first season did not go well, and Fortuna Sittard relegated to the first division. A big advantage for Mark is that he can perform well in Fortuna and after a year in the first division promoted Limburgers already at the highest level.
The years that followed Van Bommel continues to evolve and become more and more crucial for game in Fortuna.From the 1997-1998 season, coach Bert van Marwijk at Fortuna Sittard. This led to a 7th place in the ranking of the Eredivisie. A year later, Fortuna Sittard, with players like Mark van Bommel, Kevin Hofland and Wilfred Bouma also the final of the KNVB Cup. Unfortunately, van Bommel himself suspended in the final against Ajax because of a yellow card in the semifinal victory against his future employers PSV. He could not help his club at a good price. It was the last season of Van Bommel Fortuna Sittard. He will be the club or a big love continues to embrace.
1999?? 2005: PSV Eindhoven
The steady play midfielder Mark van Bommel was seen by PSV Eindhoven and the draw for the 1999-2000 season the player to strengthen the midfield. A good move, because Mark still does not seem to have evolved from. He is in his second season PSV captain and under his leadership PSV during the six years he played in Eindhoven, a whopping four times champion of the Premier League. During the 2004-2005 season, Van Bommel still allowed Cone????, The nickname of the KNVB Cup, hold up. Cup with Fortuna Sittard where he missed.
Mark van Bommel joined PSV developed into a player who stands his ground at European level. He played six seasons in 169 games in which he 48 times knows how to score goals. 50 matches in a European context; a platform PSV in those years knows how to present themselves well. In 2005, PSV also cites the semi-finals, which is deplorable loss of AC Milan. PSV do at home or to win 3-1 by the Milanese, but had a week earlier lost 2-0 in Milan.AC Milan will go to the final because of an away goal.
2005 – 2006: FC Barcelona
after Mark van Bommel at the end of the 2004-2005 season was already looking for a foreign adventure, but could not think of a transfer, he steps 2005-2006 season is still a foreign club. And not least, the FC Barcelona midfielder is based. Interestingly, a year before a large number of Dutch footballers left the Catalan club. Only Giovanni van Bronckhorst plays in Catalan service. It is said that Mark had also been approached by the major powers such as AC Milan and Real Madrid.
Did you know that Mark van Bommel for his Spanish adventure has been on language course ?? nuns?? Vught. This language institute is known to people in a very short time to provide a control language. The Spanish press was much raved about this action. Mark had taken the points by this venture. With FC Barcelona’s Mark van Bommel won everything there is to win: Championship Primera Division Super Copa and the Champions League. Van Bommel played 24 games in the shirt of Barcelona and know three times to score. After one season, Van Bommel will leave the Catalan club.
2006 – 2011: Bayern Munich
German football seems to fit well with the play of Mark van Bommel. Bayern Munich, his new employer. After two years, Van Bommel manages to secure the captain’s armband. It is unprecedented for a foreign player. During the 2007-2008 season, Van Bommel, Bayern Munich kamipoen Germany. She also won the DFB-Pokal. During 2009-2010 Bayern Munich managed to leave the competition behind. The club then headed by Louis van Gaal. His position seems undisputed, but disagreement leads to a deviation halfway through the 2010-2011 season. Mark van Bommel can choose from several clubs in different leagues, and eventually chose AC Milan. Van Bommel played 122 official games in the shirt of Bayern Munich. He knows how to score 11 times.
2011-?? : AC Milan
transition from Van Bommel to AC Milan come in the winter to stand and Van Bommel can immediately start working. Along with his compatriot Urby also only attracted Emmanuelson and natural Clarence Seedorf as teammates. AC Milan managed to win the league title in 2010-2011 and Van Bommel goes into the festivities. He knows himself in a short time to prove the value of the team. During the 2011-2012 season, Van Bommel played for the Rossoneri????. What is Mark van Bommel to make the postseason. He is now 35 years old. AC Milan is a busy rejuvenating the team, and agreements with many older players not extended. It says nothing about the characteristics of the players who for many years the club has made ​​and kept large as Nesta, Gattuso and Seedorf.
2000 – ?? Dutch national team
since 2000, Van Bommel plays in Orange. His debut was October 7, 2000, compared with Cyprus. Coach Frank Rijkaard had then, after Euro 2000, Biting resigned and Louis van Gaal took over the baton to lead the Dutch team for the 2002 World Cup in South Korea. The Netherlands could not qualify for this tournament, which makes Van Bommel had to wait for his first major tournament. Because of a knee injury, but he also had to Euro 2004 in Portugal missed. In 2006, under the guidance of coach Marco van Basten could Mark van Bommel show their skills on the biggest stage: the 2006 World Cup in Germany. It was here that the first cracks in the relationship with Van Basten. When the coach after the 2006 World Cup also indicated their veterans Van Nistelrooy and Van Bommel wants to pass Mark van Bommel gave never want to play in the Orange as long as Marco van Basten was in charge.A promise to himself to him until after Euro 2008 in Austria and Switzerland held outside Orange.
Only when his father Bert van Wijk Mark in August 2008 took charge of the Dutch national team, Van Bommel introduced himself available again. He was elected and has been for years an added value. On his second major tournament, the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, said Van Bommel to win almost a very big price. In the final of the World Cup loses the Netherlands from Spain. Until April 2012, Van Bommel 67 times the shirt of Orange can bear.He knows how to score 10 times.

The Promise of Mark van Bommel

With the departure of Van Bommel of PSV, FC Barcelona, ​​Eindhoven, he promised that he would return after his three-year contract with Barcelona in Eindhoven. Mark van Bommel, but left after only one year in Barcelona ?? not Eindhoven, but to Bayern Munich. Halfway through the 2010-2011 season, Van Bommel leaves the southern German club and cross the Alps to AC Milan. Mark van Bommel will ever promise, albeit delayed, honor and return to PSV Eindhoven? Maybe in the twilight of his career, with his knowledge and experience can be invaluable for a young team.