Marina Ruy Barbosa in a Bikini in Totally Awesome

Marina Ruy Barbosa uses the cropped novel scenes bikini totally awesome

The bikini cropped took care of the beaches this summer! The model is similar to the clothing worn by women who practice water sports and playing sand volleyball, known as single sport. However, were redesigned and won, frilled, some are shorter, others longer, single, long sleeve, shoulder to shoulder, and so on. The most commonly used model is what we call a halter top, one that is completely closed in front and leave the back loose.
The Bikini is a good choice not only to stay on the edge of the sea but, for being a model more behaved, is ideal, combined with a short jeans, for a walk on the Boardwalk and a lunch on the edge. In addition to style, the piece brings more comfort to the woman.
But all sets only turns fever even when some famous sticks – whether in novels or in everyday life, and that’s where our subject today: bikini! The sixth test of the competition that rages in the plot of the novel will be held on the beach, that is, we have several models of swim wear in to follow.
Marina Ruy Barbosa recorded scenes in which your character Eliza, is dressed in a bikini in the cropped model – made by Salinas. Is not the main, but one of the features of this type of play is to use with thinner ones in the side, however, Marina has chosen to use a doll model – is more comfortable and makes the woman more comfortable. Other types of panties can be combined with the cropped, like the high waist.

You can find this model also in lingerie

We’ve talked here on the blog several times about the trend outwear, are remembered?! If not, a little explanation: this sets allows the woman to use lingerie to show, for example, underneath of transparencies, with strips appearing (strappy bra) and by low rents. The style outwear won space in the shop windows of big brands and has been pleasing to women.
Bet on bras in the model top cropped or halter top to get to the shows. They look great paired with denim shirts, t-shirts, blouses with transparencies and other types of look. You can make combinations for both day and night. Like the tips and want to join? Pass on Specialità and buy your.