Makeup Remover With Micellar Water: 4 Reasons To Start A Do

The micellar water is widely considered to be a miracle product that can not miss the beauty routine of a woman! But why? I’ll explain here!
Today I’ll talk micellar water, a product that has revolutionized the world of cosmetics due to its usefulness and practicality.
For those (few) of you who have never heard of this miraculous cosmetic here’s some reference point.
The micellar water is on the market for about twenty years, but only recently his fame exploded worldwide.
Is considered a two-in-one because it performs the cleaning of the face but can also be used as a makeup remover, to remove thoroughly all traces of make up and impurities that are deposited on the skin.
Many cosmetics brands have developed its micellar water line, designed for very different types of skin, but not everyone has an affordable price.

But as they say, for health (skin, in this case) you should spare no expense, so here the reasons for which you should enter the water in your beauty micellanea rountine.

1. Why use models

What a good reason to start using it, you’re probably wondering?
Simple! Think about the pounds of makeup that supermodels, including less top, are forced to see each coated on the face every single day of their career.
Do not you think in terms of cleansing, the stangone of catwalks, will become the dragons?
Certainly they know all the latest found to disappear in a short time to make up the layers from their angelic little faces, to return to their natural appearance, soap and water, as the mother has done, without even an imperfection!
And if the models, which must always be fit and beautiful, use water micellar means that it really works!
I would try in doubt, have you ever seen the coming of the face to me by Heidi Klum!

2. Because it is two in one

As mentioned before, the micellar water is often labeled as a product two in one because it can be used both as a cleanser that as a makeup remover.
This is because, thanks to its special formulation, is able to deep clean the skin without attacking its hydro-lipid layer.
Which, translated into Italian, it means that although it is able to remove all traces of makeup, even the most stubborn, the facial skin does not dry, or rather keeps it moisturised.
With many greetings that annoying feeling of tightness!

3. Why is it proof of lazy

We do not pretend to be spoiling for struccarci.
We know very well that when the bed is called hard to resist him and admit the unspeakable: only with difficulty we drag into the bathroom to perform the pre-sleep beauty routine levandoci the scaffolding mounted in the morning on our face to look human.
And even when we can find the will to do so we would prefer to be abducted by an alien, who exchanged it for his fellow man after discovering our true appearance under the makeup mask.
To this micellar water it is perfect for lazy, because speeds up the whole operation of demaquillage, as well as cleanse and remove make-up should not even be rinsed!
A considerable saving of time and energy!

4. Why can it be done at home

In the face of all waters micellanee expensive on the market, we can afford only the models, we can create our water micellanea staff directly at home!
The need is simple and the recipe is child resistant. Just combine 100 ml of infusion of chamomile, 1 teaspoon aloe gel and shampoo 2 teaspoons of chamomile and the miraculous micellanea water is made!