Makeup for Fall/Winter

There’s no better weather to use powerful makeup of that autumn and winter. It’s the ideal time to shatter in the drama, invest in the eye well marked, shadows and dark lipstick. Uaaauuu…do way you love! And like here in Luxury guess the temperature has begun to fall, today we want to share with you the news on make of the APOTHECARY for the autumn/winter 2013. Girls, imagine a baphônica collection, filled with wonderful colors, sheer glamour, the man of wealth … kkkkkkkkkk! Just so you can have an idea, the new collection bears the name Black Crystal, because it is inspired by black dresses and the brilliance of crystals Swarovski. The entire line is full of Crystal sparkles … a luxury … and the coolest thing is that the price is very affordable! The collection has several amazing products: Lipstick and lip shines with a very different color palette; magnetic Nail Polish; autumn/winter Nail Polish; Black enamels, glazes English girl style; supercompleta makeup palette; and everything that promises to rock the ladies vanity!
Watch the video below and see a short presentation of the products.
Black Crystal Colecction autumn-winter 2013
It’s not a chiqueza? We’re in love!
The collection has several interesting products, Lipsticks and Lip Glosses, for example, comes with a very different color palette. There is some doubt how much will work in real life a gloss green or black, for more transparent to stay. But you are curious, it is – and the black still has an extra utility, closing the lipstick color that pass before. The nuances of magenta, in spite of causing certain “strangeness”, transiting with more tranquility between the catwalk and real life. And dirty wine is the most “normalzinho” between the unusual.
Here at EhuaCom, the Makeup palette comes supercompleta, with several blushes, lipsticks, shadows … The palettes are becoming frequent in the collections of the APOTHECARY and we love it: meet several of the new features of each season in one kit, which facilitates the life of those who like practicality and raises the heart of crazy for makeup!
Magnetic Nail Polish
For those not familiar with this type of varnish, the trick is simple: the formula contains metals that, encouraged by the strength of a magnet, make the glaze to move about the nail and create special effects, different designs. The colors are: Magnetic, Magnetic and Magnetic Pink Silver Indigo. In addition still has the glaze colors fall/winter and the famous black! A luxury for our Scrooge, right girls?
See more flashes of the new collection.
Finally, of course, could not miss a little class with the master Fernando Torquatto, official makeup artist of the APOTHECARY. He is feraaa in the subject and always rock us makes! We are super fans of this ACE of brushes! Follow the step by step to the Black Diamond, the line Black Crystal to Make B. Fernando Torquatto was inspired by the divas of Hollywood, bringing an air ultra sophisticated and modern.
Do not forget to check girls … fasten your PLAY!
Fernandinho’s beast right? We have seen so many tips him that already we feel intimate! kkkkkkkkk
And you guys, what do you think of makeup? You dig those stronger colors?