Maison Margiela Spring Couture

When the flowers begins to get buds, or when the birds are chirping, then you know that it is our. So usually it’s so nice to let.

For me the strongest our character when the really heavy the designers ‘ Spring collections starting to fall into the stores. And now the first pieces from the avant-garde designer Martin Margiela Spring collection began extracted at the Victoria Stadium in Gothenburg. got a little sneak peak of what’s to come.
White is without a doubt spring’s color and this is evident not least in these eye-catching boots (pictured above). Here on, the design team developed the paint can and sprayed on canvas, that CAP is composed of, and on the side. The inside of the shoe is made of soft natural colored leather.
Now, it is certainly many who think I had brain drop when the image on the t-shirt would be taken. No, there is no Velour t-shirt. Although I also feel the vibes. I was actually forced to turn it on and check that the four patented Margiela-stitches really sat in the back of the neck. The difference on this and on a Velour t-shirt is that this is patched with different colored pieces of cloth, instead of printing with color. That’s why it will cost about twice as much as well.
The colorful t-shirt in the photo is made in very nice cotton in colors of yellow, dark blue, and red, although the slightly blurred image more reluctant about it black.
Among the other pieces that have so far been received, including a very nice gray jacket, a crazy polka dot shirt and a very nice, typical Margiela-worn, wallet in brown leather.