Lumia 540 Against Lumia 550: Smartphones in the Comparison Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Lumia 540 is a well processed entry-level Smartphone with the popular 5 inch screen size. The screen offers good contrast for the price range and is sufficiently hot. The camera is passable in good lighting, the front-facing camera is even properly. Disadvantage: LTE is missing, the processor is slow. Best price on the Internet: 55,00 euro * per order this product on Amazon high-contrast 5-inch display easy to use apps to microsd memory Navi cards contra mobile free and offline update able for Windows 10 no LTE videos only with 848 x 480 pixels some low speed storage small assessment of editorial satisfying user rating now evaluate after Aldi with the so far best Windows 10 Smartphone Lumia 550 trumped up , Media Markt holds now with an even better offer: the Lumia 540 is a Windows Smartphone with 5 inch display, which was not to be found in Germany. Thus, the media market Lumia is 8 Euro cheaper than the 550 model at Aldi. But it is also better?

Lumia 540 and 550: design and screen

The most obvious difference of two entry-level Smartphones: the Lumia 540 (Media Markt) comes with modern large 5-inch screen, the Lumia 550 at Aldi is much handier with 4.7 inch. Both models have a display with small HD resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, which is sufficient for everyday life. The screens offer decent quality, but not quite so color and contrast as in the more expensive Lumia 640. The colors are but vigorous compared to the common ancestor of Lumia 535, the display reflects less. The design itself is similar: both smartphones into a simple plastic housing with slightly more angular design. The Lumia 540 this reminds of the same size (but technically better Lumia 640) the smaller Lumia 550 is an iphone 5C in terms of size more on level. In contrast to the iphone 5C and also all older Lumia smartphones, there are both entry-level only in black and white. The shells are interchangeable but as well as the battery. There are no colorful third-party Exchange shells but so far, the lumia 550 the Finnish manufacturer Mozo to develop but currently it.
Overall standings: for Smartphone applications the larger display of Lumia 540 benefits. For one-handed operation, the Lumia 550 is better.

Lumia 540 and 550: technology

Internal memory is nominally 8 gigabyte (GB) nearly 4 GB of it are freely available from the factory. The volume expanded by microsd card to up to 200 GB, for app installations. The camera is theoretically better for the Lumia 540: has an 8-megapixel sensor (instead of 5 mega pixels at the 550) in the rear, the front camera comes with 5-megapixel resolution (Lumia 550: 2 mega pixel). Notice the differences but only at Selfie recording with the front-facing camera, both Lumia Smartphone during daylight hours make basically passable, but no really good pictures. Both have a Flash that was missing earlier entry-level models on the back. The pace of work of the Lumia 540 (200 processor with four cores to 1.2 ghz Snapdragon) is a touch lower than when the Lumia 550, which uses the newer Snapdragon 210 (four cores, up to 1.1 ghz) processor. Differently as the Lumia 550 can use 540 as fitness Tracker with the Fitbit app using the cell phone instead of a fitness tape for step counting.
Intermediate level: A point for the Lumia 550. Both devices are technically nearly equal, the Lumia 540 is a touch behind the 550 but above all, if you want to use the phone as a fitness Tracker.

Lumia 540: waiting for Windows 10

The Lumia 540 delivers the manufacturer with Windows phone 8.1. The software is easy to use, offers a clear look, as well as pre-installed GPS apps (here maps and here drive +) and is mature. In some respects but it lags behind the Windows pre-installed on the Lumia 550 10 mobile: so only the latter system offers a dictation function for each app, the improved edge browser, integration with Cortana on Windows 10 and more. For those who have problems with the arg limited internal memory e.g. Due to excessive use of whatsapp, Windows offers 10 mobile advantages: not only the most apps, but also Navi maps on an external memory card can be put off due to the operating system. But: Beginning 2016 also the Lumia 540 is an update on Windows 10 mobile receive.
Intermediate level: A point for the Lumia 550 with Windows 10. But the advantage is low: because now Windows 10 can be mobile (pre-release) install your own also on the Lumia 540.
So Windows 10 come already on the Lumia 540

These Lumias get 10 Windows mobile

Mobile: LTE or dual-SIM?

Scores the Lumia 540 with dual SIM-operation of mobile radio equipment and also makes use of the still more microsim cards. The Lumia 500 has only a Nano-SIM slot, but a decisive advantage: it can LTE!
Overall standings: the Lumia 540 is not sustainable without LTE. But those who looking for a dual SIM Lumia with LTE, dual SIM LTE needs access to the more expensive Lumia 640.

Lumia 550: Windows-10-phone at an entry-level price

Lumia 540 against Lumia 550: conclusion

The differences are small, yet lose the Lumia 540 compared to the similar low Lumia 550 in almost all respects to a hair’s breadth. One great advantage of the device is the size of the display. Just who do without (because no LTE supports his tariff) on LTE and not would like to use the phone as a fitness Tracker, should access to the Lumia 540. The Lumia 640, which is hardly more expensive than the Lumia 540 as a dual SIM model without LTE is an alternative with 5 inch.