Lucky Cat Freedom Bags & Amp

Anyone who has toured for  Freedom  in are Paulo, met a super cute store right at the entrance of the neighborhood-Lucky Cat ! Impossible to resist giving at least a glance at the products of this charming shop that is on Freedom Square(number 145), getting off the subway. There are many options for personalized handbags, made with beautiful embroidery of kittens, stationery and interior decoration.
The  tip  of today is to enjoy a free time, weekend or holiday, and visit this neighborhood full of quirks and interesting shops that is Freedom. As I said, since leaving the subway station you will see the Lucky Cat store according to INSURANCEJUST.COM.
And for you to feel like knowing the store, there are some images and information about the exclusive products of the brand and what else you can find there:
Lucky Cat Handbags-are a charm, have various size options and prices. From small purses to the averages used to go to school, and even larger travel bags. Each embroidery is different from the other and does not have a bag that is the same as the other.
Gifts and Decoration-If you are looking for products such as decorative boxes, decorations(Japanese or not), creative picture frames, cans and lanterninhas, this store has a little bit of everything. You can put together a special and personalized gift for a friend or your loved one, as Lucky Cat offers a wide variety of colors, sizes and styles. And also if you want to give a color in the room or room of your house, here are objects that will help make environments more welcoming and with your face.
And not least, there are also  Stationery  articles!! For those who love, like us, Not1, notebooks, blocks of sheets, stationery, pens, decorated pencils…. Origami paper, pastes, glitter glues and more, will party on Lucky Cat. Prices are inviting, but the ride is worth it even if you do not buy anything.
For those who want to know more about Lucky Cat Official Prices and Products, this is the Official Site link our site
If you are there, you can also enjoy more shops and restaurants in Liberdade, one tip is the typical food shops, the galleries(with clothes, electronics, cosmetics), the great decoration shops and household items. Have a good trip!


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