Lose Weight with Health!

He/she hears galerinha!!! Has anybody out there on a diet? o/we are constantly in a fight against the balance, all though a while ago that she comes from winning the war … kkkkkkkkkk … but we haven’t given up, after all never learn how to lead a healthy life and be able to do a dietary re-education it is not so easy. Therefore, it is essential to seek the help of an expert, someone who really understand about the subject and can guide us in the best way, is to lose weight or gain muscle! So dear readers, if you love a palpiteco delight and are always connected in everything that comes to aggregate health and quality of life, stay tuned to the tips I prepared under the guidance of a nutritionist Dayana Mann -Obesity specialist and Slimming, graduate student in clinical nutrition and Functional owner of REVITALIZES CUSTOM DIETS. There are several options of diets that the company provides, since weight loss, dietary re-education, control of Diabetes and high blood pressure, pregnant women, even for people who seek to gain lean mass, with a special diet for bodybuilding-Hyperproteic diet – has been a success with its great results.
The number of people who attend gyms has grown amazingly and it is a very positive point, not only for the improvement of quality of life as well as the improvement of self-esteem. Many young people today, especially men, have the desire to make sculptural bodies, worthy of warriors of ancient Rome, and to achieve your purpose resort to heavy workouts and mainly to the so-called DIET for HYPERTROPHY, i.e. a facing the power gain muscle mass. The REVITALIZES, respecting the individual characteristics and gastronomic preferences of each person, assembles a custom diet and delivery all meals ready for consumption. You can remove the kit or the company delivers the meals in your home or at work.
We enjoyed our visit to REVITALIZES to register some delights that were being prepared, check out:
Pre workout Snack: Roasted sweet potatoes with beef jerky.
Post workout Snack: Mini pancakes of Whey Protein, egg whites and cocoa.
Don’t fall for it to do any diet in lean body name … need to control weight but without compromising health! The best way to lose weight without running the risk of getting fat again is with a dietary re-education. The dietary re-education is the recipe for weight loss and health forever, and is to start eating more healthy, just right. Follow very restrictive diets that promise a large weight loss in a short period of time does not teach the individual to eat healthily and promotes the accordion effect. The dietary re-education doesn’t stop you from eating anything, but teaches you how to eat everything, just the right amount. Make a balanced diet for a few months ensures the reeducation of eating habits, and it’s easier to lose weight and have a picture of health at http://www.healthknowing.com/.
Look what we found on the menu of REVITALIZES :
Breakfast: 1 homemade whole wheat bread; White cheese/butter; tea with SPLENDA; papaya with plum and amaranth.
Mid-morning snack: Dried fruits with nuts.
Lunch: Cathetus rice with broccoli; Steak kebabs and roast Cabot.
Dessert: Banana dark chocolate and cashews.
Afternoon snack: Black olive tapenade sandwich and alfalfa sprouts; Mini polenta with chicken Pate; Cereal bar with fresh coconut; Full Profiterolis of chocolate; Banana cake with oatmeal or passion fruit Tart with chocolate and ginger.
Dinner: Parsnip puree, chicken lures with shitake and stuffed Zucchini with fresh mozzarella, black olives and Sun-dried tomatoes.
The Detox Diet aims to reduce the toxins accumulated over time, making a clean sweep in our organism, improving the functions of the liver and bowel desinflamando. In addition, the Detox also assists in weight loss and improving some symptoms like headache, PMS, tiredness, illness, swelling, muscle pain, etc.
Some suggestions of REVITALIZES :
Breakfast: Detox juice (pineapple, kale, kiwi, fresh coconut shavings, mint and flaxseed smoothies with water in a blender); Sweet potatoes roasted with Rosemary and toothpick quail eggs.
Mid-morning snack: Dried fruits with nuts
Lunch: Brown rice; papilote salmon with lemon and vegetables sauteed in butter ghee.
Dessert: Baked apples with raisins and cinnamon
Afternoon snack: Mix of fruits (Strawberry, Blueberry, BlackBerry, fresh coconut, raisins and walnuts)
Dinner: Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad and capim santo; Pumpkin Soup with sweet potato and parsnip parsley.
Supper: Persimmon/tea with clove and cinnamon
Has anyone of you ever made a custom diet? What you thought of our post of the day?
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