Looks Tips with Blouses, Sweatpants

The Sweatshirt is one of the pieces of clothing that most match the winter. Extremely cozy, she is perfect to warm up the coldest days and provide comfort in any situation.

Although many people still think the Hoodie can only be used at home, in extremely informal environments or to go to the gym, some time, this piece won fashion and status may appear in different combinations more deprived.
If you want to insert the Sweatshirt in your visual, check out some tips not to Miss!

Sweatshirt with matching Leggings

There is no more simple combination and easy to hit than the Sweatshirt shirt with legging pants. When used together, these two parts can go look to modern sports and so pleasing to various audiences.
For those who press for comfort, wearing a Sweatshirt of length longer, with a black legging and a white sneaker is perfect. Now, if your intention is to assemble a work look, you can bet on Sweatshirt more fair, with a feminine shirt underneath, jeans leggings and a mid-cut boot or even a pumps.

Sweatshirt with skirt

At first, this combination may seem contradictory. But combine the Sweatshirt with skirt is the secret for those looking for a modern, sexy and look even more elegant.
The combination is simpler if you prefer the short skirtsabove the knee. To give more oomph to visual, bet on pieces of leather or sequins. Also be sure the pantyhose black, who in addition to protect from the cold, creates a great contrast.
The sweatshirts in more sober tones, like grey, black or blue, help to set the combination.

How to highlight the Sweatshirt

If you want the Sweatshirt is the highlight of your look but afraid of making mistakes, invest in jeans classic! With this combination, you’re free to opt for a more vibrant or blouse with some pattern. Shades of green and Orange are great options and are a charm with heels and looks can be complemented with a maxi necklace silver, for example. A most striking makeup and a more elaborate hairstyle give the finishing touch to the production.
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