Looks: How to Wear Short High Waist

High waist shorts
High Waist Shorts are best suited for summer.In addition to being short, what is good in this heat , its shape leaves the look more tidy even in the walks in open places.But nothing prevents you from wearing shorts in a nightly makeup, there are combinations that leave the clothes more modern and produced.
Another name given to them is the Hot Pant. The waistband is compensated by the shorter fabric length. Although it has been used for some time, it is a type that is always renewing itself and as today everything is adapting to our modernities, it will always find a way that does not let it be something so old.
In their models there are applications of fabrics, spikes , but the ones that we are accustomed to see are the ones with the shredded bar.They are great because you can make combinations for any situation.

Fashion Tip

The tip is always to choose the most suitable model for each occasion, because among its options there are colored, printed, in jeans or fabric. The rest of the look is also important to highlight the shorts or to value the body even more, the use of skirts, sneakers, ethnic shoes or high heels are shoes that can work well in the look.
Another very important tip is to always be aware that the smaller the piece you use, the smaller should be the size of the heel ( if you decide to wear high heels as a footwear), otherwise you may end up stretching the lower limbs too much and Make the look rather inharmonious.
Are they great for?
The high waist shorts are great to leave a much more feminine look.It lengthens the silhouette and enhances the body.
They are great for spring and summer use. Again I have to point out that the marked waist makes a lot for the silhouette.

Where to Buy: Cheap Stores!

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Forever 21 is a gringo website but also makes deliveries in Brazil, so the chances of finding a style that nobody is using here is very great:our site
Dafiti, even being in the market for a short time, does not worry us, because the way it has grown in such a short time already gives us credibility.In it you can find beautiful high waist shorts.Search the link: our site
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The patterned models make the look very cheerful, even gives to play by mixing prints with silk.But be careful, the secret of everything is not to overdo it, so it is not very good to mix prints.
The jeans designed are super sweet, delicate, and simple while giving a special touch.It’s great for a late afternoon program with friends.
It has high waist shorts that are tidier, as white or more detailed, with more exquisite fabrics and models.They usually look great thanks to the textures details.
Famous and anonymous women are wearing high-waist shorts without fear of being happy.After all, using a piece that matches almost everything and everything, you do not have to be pissed and worried, do not you?So, among the varieties of shapes, colors, textures, fabrics and sizes, choose the one that best fits the image you want to convey without losing your identity and which best defines your personality.Do not forget to also comfort, the shorts will not match if you have an uncomfortable posture all the time.And do not forget to always take care and moderation so as not to create disharmony between the pieces, if there is more on top use less below, and if the shorts are too short watch out for those high heels.
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