Look in the Box, Launch Mac Cosmetics

Last days of April and we can feel the breeze of May. Hummmmm who likes? Here comes the month of butterflies, brides and-of course, the mommies! In fact, from now on can prepare for the flood of posts with tips for MOTHERS DAY. Ohhh good period of releases, every time I turn around something cool and different to share with you readers! And today, I think that super “help” for the Cubs who are in search of cute and creative gifts for the mommy, the MAC brings you another super news: the release of time are carefully created kits universal tones and enhanced features to complement our tom of skin.
Are three Look boxed kits that bring different colors of pink, coral and neutral, and contains a trio of shadows, lipstick, lip gloss and eyeliner. Two kits (Plum and Taupe) that bring shadows in Brown and beige and coral and plum. And two other kits that feature a selection of favorite brushes for mixing and tinting with a simple application and credible professionals.
And to facilitate the choice I brought the kits and the prices to show you guys, look:
Look in the Box – About Pink-R$229,00
Look in the Box – All About Nude-R$229,00
Look in the Box – All About Coral-R$229,00
Look in the Box – All About Beige-R$229,00
Look in the Box – All About Plum-R$229,00
Look in the Box-Basic Brush Kit-R$249,00
Look in the Box – Advanced Brush Kit-R$249,00
Little me I’m crazy for makeup (since child kkkk) want some little boxes and mainly the kits of brushes, madly love this gentyyy! I loved this novelty and you girls? Well, enough chat and run to see the pictures that I have prepared for you! Tcham tcham … tchammmmm …