Long Term Wilderness Survival Skills

In Survival, you can think quickly to the Ardennes or on long jungle treks. But even in the Netherlands are able to safely survive. Although there are no mountains here, but: ditches, forests, fields, sandy soils, etc. Along the way you will also build barriers against it .. For example: climbing ropes, nets, tire, archery and much more! Survival is a very versatile sport. You use all your muscles, you need endurance, perseverance and a little insight into how you can best deal with an obstacle. You can engage in competitive or recreational.

What is a Survival-Term?

In a survival drive you put down a track, which usually ends in the same place where you started. Along the way you against natural obstacles and unnatural obstacles. The course should be run as soon as possible, but also as good as possible! So store without hindrance over.

The Rules

The rules of survival is actually quite simple. Follow the road and remove the obstacles that you encounter. Thereby Listen carefully instructions volunteer at obstacles. They can tell you exactly how to take a hindrance. For example, you can climb back over the net or do you hang below? Participate in a race to survive will have to start a red bracelet. If you do not pass an obstacle, the bureaucracy is removed. One obstacle miss you only if you indicate that you jump over the obstacle. You can make an unlimited number of attempts to remove the obstacle. Do not miss the next one or more obstacles than a hole made ​​in your survival t-shirt. For every obstacle you miss added 2 hours at your side. Someone who has not missed a barrier, so almost always quicker end than someone who leaves an obstacle.
Recreationists also get a wrist band, but the band is not taken away from them unless they meet an obstacle.


Good preparation is half the battle! Some points to consider:
The trail
is appropriate that already incorporate the course into you. Often you can get on the Internet before running a full list of the cross obstacles and you will see a map of the route. So you know where the pieces are long pipe, where the barriers are built close to each other and how heavy these obstacles.
A survival run walk requires a lot of energy. So plenty of food and drink is necessary. You can choose the evening before the run to eat pasta. On the same day covers bananas and brown bread suitable. If you drink water. Along the way, you often have one or several objectives against which you can have a drink and some fruit.
Survival never stops, even in extreme cold or hot weather.
In cold weather
, you can wear a thermal shirt and rubbed with Vaseline. Do not grease the hands when hands are too slippery to overcome all challenges. Gloves are not practical, because you have to be out on the barrier. One possibility is to cut a pair of socks broken. If you go make socks over your hands and make fists. Arriving at the obstacle you only socks roll up!
In warm weather
wear despite the hot weather, but long pants. The ropes scour very down your legs if you wear shorts. Possibly you can wear sweatbands. Often run organized during the summer, many water hazards of the course. So you can cool off regularly.

Participation Categories

Survival Sports You can practice at several levels. Whether you are an absolute beginner or years are active in sports.An overview of the categories:


During a survival run, you get natural barriers against. For example, water. Sometimes you have to wade through the water under a culvert by canoe.
Built obstacles are varied and often creative. Basic elements that you will often encounter is:
So there! Monkeys Hang
A horizontal line taut. Here one must hang below.
A just, as the name suggests, the shape of a roof. Sometimes you can go here, sometimes also need to be hung over.
A vertical climbing rope, usually attached to a horizontal rope, where you must do a somersault over it. Sometimes climbing rope is attached to a branch or trunk. The obstacle called budgyswing.
Indians bridge
A horizontal line driven over it, hangs above a second horizontal rope to hold onto. When the upper extinguishing must be tightened by making a loop. In this case, the obstacle called postma walk
Spanish Spanish rider rides
two poles that are turned at an angle to each other. Through the first pole climb through the post back down.
You may also encounter things that stem hack and drag or carry, archery, abseiling, zip wire, steppes, pallet bridge and much more!!

Would You Be Strong?

With good technology can go far. A little power is welcome but if you use the right technology, the obstacles are already less heavy! For example rope climbing: this can be done while you depend solely on your arms, but you can also rope between the feet clamps. The final method is much less stressful.
Survival Associations
If you have a taste of extreme adventure, you can connect to a survival association. These are spread across the Netherlands. It is then advisable to take out insurance on the Federal Survival Netherlands. You are then insured against any accidents. Plus, you get the trade union newspaper.