Long Sleeves T-shirts

Tshirts for all occasions

No matter whether as a Catcher in the climbing Hall, at the barbecue at the camp fire or worn as functional underwear (polyester or wool): Longsleeves belong in every wardrobe and can be used indoors and out universally. You can find out what differences there are in the long-sleeved shirts, heir.

Choice of the appropriate Longlseeves

, There are a number of different material compositions for tshirts, which go hand in hand with the purpose of the shirts. A few raw materials such as wool, spandex and polyester are combined so that it is a Longsleeve that corresponds to exactly the desired purpose. Another important aspect is of course the right brand. Whether mammoth, The North face or mountain equipment’s individual favourite brand, it finds itself always guaranteed fitting Longsleeve. < br / > therefore is worth a look at the materials used in the long sleeve. Who comes to have a suitable for everyday use and comfortable shirt which is suitable especially for lifestyle activities such as (indoor) climbing, bouldering and slacklining, selects the best cotton. For pleasant wearing comfort, here has a long material life of the tshirts. < br / > often enters the sweating, should consist of polyester at least a share of the shirts. This increases the moisture from the skin away and increases comfort. Tshirts, which consist mostly of polyester, own is best for fast, sweat-inducing activities and those at high temperatures. The drying times are very low. < br / > if a Longsleeve (partly) consists of wool (E.g. Merino icebreaker), it offers some advantages which are given this natural function fiber: high insulation value with low weight, hardly any odour and warming function in a wet condition. Tshirts are activities, multi-day tours and activities in colder conditions Merino Wool so ideal for stop-and-go. Tshirts for women as they come due to the soft wear feeling in question. < br / > spandex in the fabric of the tshirts increases the ductility. This ensures a better fit and comfort.

Cut by tshirts

Depending on what you’ve got before it, should be a Longsleeve rather close to the body or just some casual cut. Further cut to offer options for less-intensive activities and if it’s more about the look. < br / > once a Longsleeve replaced the functional underwear, the fit should be tight. Only so good insulation and durable moisture wicking guaranteed. < br / > women’s models are fitted cut and some models of tshirts with thumb loops, hood or (zip) collar therefore.