Long Sleeve Thermal Shirts Big and Tall

The right and important basis: the matching shirt for outdoor sportsman!

That the first layer in the layers system, so functional clothes, is as important as a solid weather protection or is a reliable insulation clothing to observe in any case always with the purchase of Funktionsshirts! When saved here and toured with the classic cotton shirt, the functionality of the good down, softshell – or rain jacket comes not to the wear! Functional underwear must be as also the middle and outer layer made of a breathable and moisture-transporting material such as synthetic or wool. Each location system works just as good as the weakest link in the combination. Therefore also an about this long-sleeved shirt or fleece should not be cotton, because strong swells up, slowly dries, is difficult and only limited breathable! Here, there are some important notes to buy good Funktionsshirts for women, children and men and of course for the right purpose.

What types and materials there at Funktionsshirts?

Funktionsshirts than there is for the torso than tshirts, short sleeve shirts, tank tops, or singlets, and in addition, there are functional underwear, including also functional underwear, long and short underwear. The fit should be doing generally close to the body without constricting. Choosing the length of the sleeves of course depends on the area of use and the personal benefits from. Fundamentally can be found the distinction between synthetic fiber shirts (or synthetic fibre underwear) and Merino shirts (or Merino underwear). Synthetic fibres such as polyester and polyamide are often combined with spandex, so to improve the fit and elasticity of the fabric. Such materials dry quickly, absorb much moisture and have a cooling effect. Summer conditions are used for synthetic Funktionsshirts, activities with high intensity such as climbing, running, cycling, walking and trekking and mountain climbing. On multi-day tours, you have the advantage that they dry very well overnight if you out on the road washes them with such shirts. This is however also necessary, since Funktionsshirts only have limited synthetic odour inhibiting are. For classic stop-and-go activities and tours in cold weather, Merino shirts are a good choice. The soft natural fibres can absorb considerable moisture through the fine hairs without feeling wet and cold. Therefore, she warms also when one is already properly come sweat. In addition, the wool has a permanently smell-retardant and antibacterial effect and needs to be – washed well for multi day tours so rarely. Once wet, wool dries but not as fast as synthetic materials. Such laundering is ideal for ski touring, mountaineering, ice and alpine climbing, hiking and winter cycling.