List of Camping Supplies for Tent Camping

Below is a list of things you might need for an outdoor getaway, whether camping, biking, hiking … Some should always go, and others only in special cases, but as always, it depends on each person, the budget have, the weight you want / can bear, few days go, etc.

Riding shop

□ Floor raffia
□ Store: Includes ceiling, pickaxes, winds
□ Mattress
□ Esterilla or AISL to heat
□ Sleeping Bag
□ Sheets and blankets
□ Pillow
□ folding cabinet
□ Mesa
□ Chairs


□ Scissors
□ Flashlights and spare parts (bulbs, batteries, gas)
□ Emergency blanket
□ multipurpose knife (click here for a list of popular brands)
□ Pedometer
□ Compass
□ Hammer
□ Hatchet
□ Pala
□ Broom
□ washing brush
□ Twine: It may be useful to mount clotheslines, say your store …


□ backpack camping
□ Small backpack
□ Plastic bags
□ Tuppers food


□ Olla
□ Skillet
□ Grill, fierros to roast
□ glasses and cutlery Plates
□ Tea or electric heater
□ napkins
□ Termo
□ corkscrew, can opener (or a utility knife)
□ Trash bags
□ Kitchen Knife
□ Strainer
□ Foil
□ Cocinilla, fuel and spare fuel
□ Cleaning dinnerware: sponge, detergent
□ Dishcloth


Foods that require refrigeration can buy in a nearby store, consume the first day or take frozen for the first days
□ drinking water or water purification tablets
□ Coffee, tea, milk
□ Oil
□ Eggs
□ Ketchup
□ Sugar, salt and various condiments (You can also take a pillbox species )
□ Puree, rice, noodles, potatoes, onions, legumes
□ Salami or other smoked meat
□ Individual Soups
□ jam, honey
□ Butter
□ Cereals
□ Canned Fruit
□ Powdered juice


Always remember to check the weather of the place you’re going to go camping and take the right and necessary.
□ T
□ Shirts
□ Sweaters
□ Short wind, waterproof
□ Hat or cap
□ slim pants
□ Jeans
□ Underwear
□ Socks
□ Nightgown / pajamas
□ Towels: bath and beach
□ Bathing Suit
□ Sandals
□ walking shoes
□ Boots

Personal hygiene

□ Toilet paper
□ Toothbrush and toothpaste
□ soap or bath gel
□ Shampoo and Conditioner
□ blade and shaving cream
□ Mosquito repellent
□ Sun cream and lip
□ Moisturizer
□ goggles
□ Deodorant
□ Cortauñas
□ mirror
□ Peine
□ Makeup


You can bring a small kit with the basics, but considers bring something more if you go to places far removed from hospitals or pharmacies. If any member of the group requires medication, verify carry enough for the entire trip.
□ Analgesic and paracetamol
□ Anti-inflammatory
□ Allergy
□ burn cream
□ Alcohol or other disinfectant
□ Thermometer
□ adhesive tape, band-aid patch, cotton and gauze
□ Antidiarreico


If you go with kids, it is good idea to take entretenciones several, especially if there is a possibility of bad weather.
□ Books, magazines, cartoons
□ Card games or board games
□ guitar, harmonica, ukulele
□ Radio, Music
□ Phone, iPad, chargers
□ photography equipment or VCR.
□ inflatable pool for kids


□ maps, driving directions, helplines
□ Documents: ID Card, driving license, etc.
□ Money is cheaper camping, but not always free
□ Pen and paper
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