Lightweight One Person Tent Reviews

Tiptoe through the tulips over stock and stone with the 1-person tent

The most beautiful adventures may include to travel with a small luggage and enjoy the peace and quiet. No matter whether in the mountains or on a long trek through the Scandinavian Fjälle, who must transport his gear over several days on his back, who knows every gram saved to appreciate. 1-person tents offer here a small pack size and light weight without necessarily having to sacrifice comfort.
As is so often true as well as 1-tents: you can’t have everything. For more comfort and space often with an increase in weight and bulk. Emergency accommodation and comfortable home, with us exactly the correct 1-person care tent for the personal claim can be found. To select numerous renowned manufacturers such as VAUDE, The North are face, MSR or Exped, as well as insider tips of à la Ortik.

The emergency shelter

Much backpacking is white and every gram saved to appreciate. In summer months, and in dry areas also a tarp or a 1-person tent then often enough emergency shelter. They offer much comfort and little storage space for luggage, but this is narrow anyway. On the other hand, such variants of 1-person weigh tents often under one kilogram.

Comfortable 1-person tents

Of course it can be even more comfortable. Many 1-person tents create the balancing act from space and yet low weight and bulk. To do this, most modern materials are used. In this way, you can survive well without having to suffer from agoraphobia sometimes long periods of rain.
Often models are due also available is as 2-person tent are.

Forms of 1-person tents

1-person tents are tailored to a bivy bag for very narrow luggage often similar. They offer sufficient space for the night and little surface area for wind and weather. Tents construction based on a Geodesist construction or a dome, or tunnel tent comfortable are 1-person.
Our customer service team has real experts on the subject of 1-person tents and is available any time for a comprehensive consultation available.