LG UX 4.0 Interface: the NEW V10 + PROTAGONIST of the Last Spot

LG V10 back protagonist of the last spot circulated on Youtube via the LG Mobile Global, showing lots of news that the South Korean manufacturer has implemented the new proprietary interface UX 4.0 +, which combined with the excellent hardware equipment of this top range, reveals incredibly customizable user experience and unique.
The first part of the video focuses on recording video on the go, run smoothly and steadily from OIS camera without any ghosting. Always remaining in multimedia, audio recording is also excellent, thanks to three microphones embedded in the device to the windscreen and enhance external capture sound, in all its shades.
A bit of multitasking and a song heard from the headphones in 32-bit thanks to integrated DAC, it concerns the second part of the movie, highlighting also the secondary mini display during long work sessions back really helpful to consult quickly the applications you use most.
The last section is dedicated to selfie and groufie, registration in multiview through three cameras (two front and one rear), Quick Sharing function, method of cropping a photo from frames of a video and finally, icing on the cake, a nice fall by about a metre and a half high without any damage, thanks to the aluminium body and silicone super durable , MIL-STD-810G Transit Drop Compliant.