Lg Launches New X-Line Focusing on Productivity, Camera and Battery

despite the diversity of products offered, lg’s lines tend to be quite lean. in the current portfolio of the brand in brazil we have only the lines k, g and x.    the latest series of the brand, lg x, already had the model x screen in retail, and has just won three new variants. get to know the following new handsets that south korean brand launched recently.

  • review of lg x screen
  • preliminary review of x cam

the x series, lg, has as main characteristic to offer some innovative feature to the user. ox screen has two screens, the second one a kind of multitasking for applications. the x cam comes with two rear cameras from A2zcamerablog.com, the first with conventional aperture of 78 degrees and the second with 120 degrees.
both handsets were announced during the mwc in barcelona, ​​and we already had the opportunity to test them. the link to the review of x screen and x cam is at the beginning of this article.

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the other two models in the series, x power and x style, focus on battery life and refined looks. the style model is the thinnest of the new series with a thickness of 6.9 millimeters. the device is packaged by the snapdragon 210 quad-core 1.3 ghz processor, with 1.5gb of ram, 2,020 mah battery and 16 gb of storage. the screen of this device is hd and has 5.0 inches.

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the highlight of x power is its 4,000 mah battery. in addition, the specifications of this model are better compared to the lg x style. inside we have the mediatek processor 6735 quad-core 1.3 ghz, 2 gb of ram, 5.3-inch hd screen and 16 gb of storage.
to emphasize the differentials of each model, lg brazil created an infographic with some interesting information about the new releases:

lg x cam, x screen, x style and x power: availability and price

all new lg x series handsets are available in retail as of today. the prices suggested by the manufacturer vary between r $ 999,00 and r $ 1,699,00. below, you can check the value of each device:

  • lg x style: r $ 999,00
  • lg x screen: r $ 1,299.00
  • lg x power: r $ 1,299.00
  • lg x cam: r $ 1,699.00

what did you think of the new gadgets? do you think the price suggested by lg matches the specifications of the models?