LG Confirms The Resolution 2K for Your Next High-End Terminals

Is not something that is going to catch us by surprise apparently seen, but here’s one confirmation more than high-end Android in 2014 phones will rise one step further in terms of screen resolution, in this case to the 1440 p, or 2 K for friends: 2560 x 1440 pixels.
The Hare has released a Korean media, and It speaks directly from LG and its two terminals coming star, LG G Pro 2 to LG G3, which will have screens of 5.9 inch first and 5.5 inch the seconds, both with 2K resolution.
In addition, it is stated also that both handsets will be released during the next Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, where LG seems to want to lend the rest to regain the trust of the users of the Android platform, undermined in recent years by bad policy for updates and a fairly erratic releases strategy.
LG is clear and risky, but they have already amply demonstrated that they can do it well, the LG G Flex that is about to arrive and the G2 are good proof of this, so this year is they will point to the same dates that the competition to update their top terminals.
If the high-end Android competition was fierce in 2013 with Sony and Samsung dealing game while HTC was the best criticism, We will wait to see LG this year directly compete with the best in the market. What bring will you this pulse in 2014?