Lenovo Thinkpad X 1: Tablet Presented With Plug-In Modules

Lenovo expands its product portfolio in a rush: after the Chinese computer manufacturers in September of last year with the Yoga presented a new edition of his Beamer tablets to tab 3 and was shortly to have a convertible on the market, the company in the framework of the CES technology fair presents (6 to 9 January 2016, Las Vegas) the thinkpad-X 1 tablet. The special feature of the new entry: The Windows-10 tablet can be via plug-in modules in the blink of an eye an extra battery, a beamer with additional connections, or a 3D camera with Intel’s realsense technology. Thus not enough: In addition to the modules the user upon request installs a keyboard, so that the Tablet as a normal notebook use can be.

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Considerable facilities

The equipment of the thinkpad X 1 can be quite: as Lenovo puts on the processor on Intel’s core-m7-chip, depending on the tablet version is a memory with up to 16 gigabytes (GB) to the page. For the storing of data is a 2 M-SSD installed with nvme interface by Samsung, the maximum 1 terabyte (TB) can accommodate. Lenovo used a 12-inch IPS display with a resolution 2160 x 1440 at the screen. Also on board the X 7-LTE modem by Qualcomm is depending on the model, so that users can surf on the go with up to 300 (raw) or 50 megabits per second (upstream) on the Internet. Regarding the battery life Lenovo specifies up to ten hours with plug-in module with an additional battery even 15 hours.

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Available February 2016

The weighing 800 grams thinkpad X 1 tablet is available according to Lenovo from February 2016 for $ 899. The already described plug-in module with an additional battery and the 3D-Kamera-Modul cost $149. For the projector module, the Chinese group, however, requires 279 US dollars.

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