Lenovo: End of the Motorola Brand Sealed

Lenovo early 2014 took over Motorola’s Mobile Division from Google for $ 2.91 billion, you could hear from the person in charge of the Chinese group, that you wanted not only to protect the brand of the earlier US mobile phone giant, but also strengthen. Lenovo CEO Yang Yuangping was even called the company the Motorola brand. But about two years after the takeover that has probably not apply more: because like Lenovo COO Rick Osterloh in an interview with American website CNET at the technology fair CES (6 to 9 January 2016, Las Vegas) betrayed the Chinese group wants to slowly retire the brand name Motorola.

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Smartphones in the future under one brand

The information provided to the Chinese group plans to lead all Smartphone products under the brand name Lenovo. You want Motorola only the trademark should label the famous M logo on the back and keep the name Moto Lenovo’s high end smartphones in the future. The group replaced the Motorola logo on the back of the device with the Lenovo logo. The future official name for Moto Smartphones should be accordingly Moto by Lenovo. The name vibe so far used by the company for mobile devices is used only in the low – and medium-priced. It is uncertain, other Motorola products such as Smartwatches in the future on the market come under any brand.

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Motorola remains internally

Lenovo’s plans do not come by about: despite the acquisition of Motorola, the Chinese group in the Smartphone market is still only to lower third party represented the worldwide market share was in the third quarter 2015 just 5.3 percent. With a combination of the equipment brand Moto, which is quite popular among smartphone users, and the Lenovo brand known especially for PC systems could, however, new buyer groups appeal to the company, advantage especially in Western Smartphone markets. Moto is is not the only one, what will remain of the former US mobile giant: company sintering one wants to remain the competent Division for Moto smartphones under the Motorola name.