Lenovo Brings to Brazil Tablet with Projector

Projection and sound system of eight watts with tablet Yoga 2 subwoofer Pro Lenovo helps the user to transform any room into a media room
Lenovo brings to Brazil the tablet Yoga 2 Pro in an unprecedented format on the market: with an integrated projector
Lenovo announced this week the launch of Tablet 2 Yoga Pro in Brazil. The format is a first on the market: in addition to tablet, the product has a built-in projector. The novelty has been created in partnership with the actor Ashton Kutcher, who joined the company last year. The suggested retail price is from 2,499 R$ and the product is now available in online store of Lenovo, with delivery to the entire Brazil and in physical stores of Fnac.
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With the original design, the product has only 3.7 mm thick and 13 inch Quad HD screen with dimensions of 2560 x 1440. His main highlight, the projector installed on cylindrical base, is able to reproduce images and videos in high resolution up to 50 inches onto a screen or wall, turning the atmosphere in a room of presentations or movies. For best results, connect the tablet in the projector in a dimly lit or dark environment, with approximately 2 meters away from the wall.
To broaden the experience of the projector, the Lenovo has developed an integrated system with eight watts, you quadruple the power of the speakers attached to the front of the appliance. The sound is more powerful with the JBL subwoofer installed in the rear.
In addition to the tablet continue with the three modes of traditional use-reading, to hold it with one hand on your cylindrical base; Typing, in which it is possible to leave it leaning on a surface, making it easy to browse the internet, and the Presentation to leave him in pain, Yoga spends a fourth mode, the picture, which allows you to hang it anywhere.
Yoga 2 Pro Tablet comes equipped with Intel AtomT of fourth generation, 32 GB memory with possibility of expansion to 64 GB via micro SD card, Android operating system and rear camera of high resolution of 8 megapixels. The battery lasts up to 15 hours and the product comes with optional 4 g.
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