Leisure jackets (205)

Jackets: ideal if the weather still can decide

Be the first leaves stained? Seems to pass the winter at last? If it’s time for the transition jacket! Because the sports chic leisure jackets are extremely versatile companion and are better for the transitional period as the thick winter jackets or for light summer jackets! < br / > so that the send function jackets cut a fine figure in the Leisure and everyday life they are similarly trendy casual cut and can easily be worn in the city. The benefits of modern functional clothing are obvious on the way to the Office, town walking, vacation and the stroll on the weekend. Because the fabric used ensure very high wearing comfort.

Everyday jackets with great functional features

to provide materials for a pleasantly dry feeling membrane and protected from wind and weather. Depending on the carrier decides for which equipment the jacket is water resistant or waterproof, windproof or wind-resistant and breathable at the same time. Light drizzle in the morning, the day of dry, cool weather and in the evening it is sensitive: all weather jackets are suitable for any freak of nature!

How do you recognize a good casual Jacket

in the first place at the same time the function, as well as the rugged stand next to the optics. Here have the matching, stylish transition jacket in the program Didriksons, Fjällräven, Maloja and Alprausch nose front and for every taste. So to speak, the all-around jacket is a classic fleece jacket. It keeps warm the body, together with a corresponding upper protects the wearer from sucked wind. So you can properly enjoy the beautiful walk in autumn weather! For milder temperatures, a light spring jacket that not too much heat and prevents that a sweaty feeling comes up is sufficient. Double jackets show appropriately versatile. They have a warm, removable insulation jacket – typical way inside a Lightweight fleece. There’s the variant longsleeved or vest! Both combine worn for cold days, thus the location system is already complete. The temperatures drop even deeper, strikes the hour of lushly padded casual jacket or winter jacket. Whether synthetic or down – both keep the body nice and warm.

Meaningful details of leisure jackets

details how sensibly positioned outer pockets for small items such as a purse or phone are not only practical, but also enhance sports jackets. Because unlike in pure outdoor jackets, that’s go with backpack, one has here only a small shoulder bag or a slim city daypack in everyday life. Fold the carrier in high, a stand-up collar not only casual looks, but protects the neck from cold drafts. Together with a removable hood, autumn coats and spring jackets offer a great all-round protection. < br / > whether sporty and functional or rather elegant and chic, whether for holidays or for a relaxing weekend – in the wide range of modern leisure jackets everyone will find it!