LED Street Lighting: Energy Efficiency

Street lighting energy efficient, targeted according to the requirements: A major problem for the future. Goes way beyond light the streets. Efficient and focused lighting of cities must take into account many different aspects.

The first priority of correct lighting of the streets is illuminate urban areas enough, uniformly and in order to save on costs and meet regulatory requirements. The advantage of the LED street lighting is that, unlike conventional bulbs, your light can be directed exactly to the area to be illuminated. This prevents the light from spreading and the pollution of light – the light is directed towards the direction you need where necessary. The ultra-modern, efficient lamps manufactured by Siteco, subsidiary OSRAM produce numerous options for directing the light and smart light control according to INCREDIBLEFLASHLIGHT.
Different colors of light – usually neutral white and warm white – can provide the internal areas of the city and urban orientation design opportunity.

Improved Traffic Safety

Street lighting modern LED Siteco also increases traffic safety. The reflector of high definition breaks light into many smaller points of light without glare. Motorists and pedestrians are not overshadowed by the brightness of the light. The clear, well-lit areas can help to reduce the rates of accidents and crimes

Energy Savings Potential

In addition to the numerous advantages of light and traffic, there is also the potential for considerable energy savings can be achieved easily with LED street lighting. Cities and municipalities can do energy saving up to 80% compared to standard lighting.

The Benefits of Street Lighting Modern LED Siteco

  • Flexibility: products designed especially for LEDs as well as retrofits for modernisation and expansion of existing systems
  • Potential energy savings and CO2 emissions by up to 80% compared with conventional lighting
  • Potential savings through intelligent light control system
  • Potential savings through the upgrade options in the future, for generations of even more efficient LED
  • Very short amortization periods
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