Leather Fashion

Usual part of winter, the leather is featured in summer 2011. But nothing like that leather classic and sober, usually in black or caramel, to which we are accustomed.For the warmer seasons, the leather parts arrive more delicate, with soft colours, but also lush, where vibrant tones share space with candy colors or pastels.Composing a color never seen before when it comes to leather, green, pink, Orange, yellow, blue and pale pink.
Remodeled, leather fashion in 2011 has undergone intense changes, ranging from the unusual colors, until changes in the texture of the material. With the incorporation of techniques that print to the synthetic leather greater resemblance to animal fur. And develop products and substances which are aimed at a better finish this material essentially rustic, with pieces that are more well built and sturdy. A difference that reflects the look and feel of leather, which is much more appealing and desirable on calculatorinc.com.
With the intention of adapting the material to the most basic parts, changes in the thickness of the leather were also applied, giving him thin and weights touch more softened; to enable the use of leather in jackets and coats, but now most jovial and deprived, as dresses, jackets, skirts, pants, corsets, shorts and accessories, all at high in spring summer 2011/2012.
That’s what you could check in the main international fashion week, above all in women’s fashion. The appearance of leather took care of most of the shows, especially in brands such as Burberry, Givenchy, Michael Kors, Diesel and also marked its presence outside the hands of Pedro Lourenço brasileiríssimo that bet strong on leather attitude to compose his pieces.
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