Learn about the Equipment and Materials Most Suitable

The gold is a freshwater fish that can reach up to a meter in length and weighing many kilos. It is so named because of your golden colour with reddish reflexes. Is a carnivorous fish that live in Rapids and waterfalls. It is much sought after by fishermen for your taste yummy and received them the title of “King of the river”. Those who want to fish dourado must go prepared, equipped with everything necessary. Check out what materials and equipment you need to take to catch a Golden!


We recommend the use of reel in preference to of reel for catch a Gold . In fisheries, the reel landed offers pitches long, ideal for catching the fish (which requires less precision than good pitches). In case of apoitado boat fishing (at anchor/anchored), the reel loose faster. Follow the instructions:

  • Make the pitch a little behind the boat;
  • Let the rod parallel to the boat;
  • Keep the open reel;
  • Pay attention to the course of the line: If the output speed increase suddenly means that gold hooked the bait;
  • Wait a few seconds, lock the reel and start rolling;
  • The gold was hooked.

Fishing rod with good weight capacity

The stick for reel has larger dowels, but has no trigger. As gold is a medium-sized fish, the ideal is to choose a rod with a weight capacity between 30 lbs and 40 lbs (corresponding to values between 14 Kg and 18.5 Kg) that can be used without running the risk of breaking.

Circular hook

Experienced Fishermen to catch a Gold recommend the use of hook circular (circle hook), 7/0 or 8/0 size. To do this, have the following reasons:

  • Greater efficiency in catching;
  • You don’t have to hook (allowing the use of lighter equipment);
  • It doesn’t hurt the Golden (do not pierce the fish’s mouth, only if it fits in it);
  • Ideal size for the gold, which is a large fish.

Multifilament line

The line monofilament is very resistant (at least two and a half times more resistant than monofilament), hardly presents elasticity (which increases sensitivity, enabling immediate response during the tugging), has very high durability and does not present a spring. Multifilament line is the best to capture hard mouth fish, such as gold, with hooked firmer.
As for the thickness or diameter, it is recommended the use of lines between 0.23 mm to 0.30 mm, corresponding to the strength in pounds between eight and 14 lbs. If you choose monofilament, choose between 0.50 mm thickness 0.60 mm and at the time of launching the line, let the ever-bamba, with the famous “belly”, allowing the bait come down naturally into the river.

Appropriate baits

The best baits for catch a Gold are:

  • Tuvira;
  • Eel;
  • Piau.

Preferably, use them alive because they attract more attention of the fish (careful, therefore, to put it on the hook, avoiding hurt you without need to keep alive and lively any longer). Confirm also the minimum size, to be able to use it as the State.

Flexible steel cable

We recommend the use of cable for catch a Gold with the following characteristics:

  • Flexible;
  • Length: 30 cm;
  • Endurance: 40 lbs.

That way, you will be well equipped to capture the “King of the river”. I’ve fished. Tell me how was your experience and what materials it took! Share with other fishermen, passing and receiving tips!