Lavera Natural Cosmetics Fruity Lip Cream Splashy Pink

Summerfeeling in autumn? In any case!  The Fverity Lip Creams from Lavera provide not only for the feeling, but also for the matching colors on the lips, which are so well matched that they fit to almost everything. Especially in the autumn! And that is my favorite time. ♥ In this time I also have more desire to make me, than in the summer and am also more tastierfreudiger. Therefore, I have these Lip Creams from a test package unpacked and worn again and again. Almost every day.

Content And Price
The lipcreams contain 5.5ml and cost 7.99 €. I’m not sure if the Lip Creams are from a limited edition, but at Douglas Online, they still exist. Phew.
Application And Wearing Comfort
The lip creams can generally be applied and spread through the beveled bristle brush. They smell a little sweet-fruity, but hardly noticeable. The colors are quite opaque on my lips and lie easily on without sticking. You have the feeling that you have not applied anything, which is why you tend to go back again and again.  In itself they are long lasting, but as soon as you eat or drink you have to re-apply.
Splashy Pink 01
Splashy Pink is a slightly darker, berry pink, which makes my lips wonderfully, especially when I wear darker eye make-ups. When you order, however, you have to be careful, because if you do not accurately trace the edges, you can blindly paint and paint. This color is a little favorite of mine, because it is, contrary to expectations, really good.
Sweet Mango 02
Sweet Mango is on my lips a so-called “Your Lips But Better” color in the discreet nude with a slight glimmer. This color can be blindly applied, without anything going over the edge. I like to wear it in my everyday life at work and is, so to speak, my handbag favorite.
Lava Red 03
Lava Red is actually even reder than you can see in the photo. A nice, classic red in cream finish, in my opinion. Also with this color you have to be careful when applying, because it likes to swim over the edges. Lava Red I used to wear eye-make-ups, the basic nude with eyeliner (so typically Audrey Hepburn moderately) were made. Mostly to go out.
My Conclusion
I have to say that I have the lip creams right in my heart closed. Three beautiful colors that can be used for many different occasions. They are very comfortable from the comfort of wear, as well as from the durability, so I can recommend them well and gladly.