Lamp with Coffee Filter

The lamp is a decorative piece that is used to give a special lighting to the environment, besides bringing much elegance and sophistication in every decoration.
It is sold in stores specializing in lighting and decoration of environments, where you can find models and sizes very varied. But we also have models of handmade lamps, which can be customized at home using simple materials of our day to day, and that produce a very elegant and sophisticated work.

Customization of lamps with coffee filters

And one of the materials that you can use to customize lamps is with the used coffee filter, which is present in every home, and is very easy and practical to work with.
For this we have to thoroughly clean the coffee filter after use, which will then be used to customize the lamp dome, or even that old lamp there in your home according to societypically.
And because of its practicality, the coffee filter can also be dyed before use, leaving your luminaire with a very special look that will match every décor of your home.

Tips for making your lamp with coffee filter

In this video you can see the step-by-step tutorial and the special tips for making your coffee filter lamp in your home, and with this you have a very special work.

Models of lamps made with coffee filter

And below we separate several models of light fixtures made with coffee filter, which have become very elegant pieces, and that will help you have a great extra income every month in your home.