Lace-up shoes (47)

Seats like a second skin: climbing shoes lace-up

No climbing shoe with Velcro will come to the uncompromising stability, providing a climbing shoe lace-up. You can here learn what further benefits lace-ups and when you better should access to the Velcro,.

Well-suited for beginners: A climbing shoe lace-up

For climbing beginners, who have little experience with rock structures and kicks, a good climbing shoe lace-up often is the right choice. By the very tight fit at the foot, it is easier to learn how to stable in small bars. Also you can get the right sensibility for the correct position of the foot easier.

Climbing shoes lace-up for long tours

Even more ambitious climbers like to fall to climbing shoes lace-up: comfortable models offer more grip on Alpine tours and big walls and do not need to be moved out. For technically demanding routes and bouldering the Velcro variant is advisable: the forward curvature is here later, the shoe back less stiff than at the climbing shoe lace-up.