Know When Buying a Purse Or Leather Accessory

A leather accessory is always a great investment. In addition to the beauty and sophistication that give the visual, also have high durability. Not to mention that leather is a material extremely resistant to adverse situations.
With so many qualities, you’ve probably thought about buying some article in leather. Between purses, wallets, backpacks and briefcases, variety is not lacking. But you know how to save an article made in this material? Ever wonder how it is possible to combine leather with a casual or more elegant?
To answer these and other questions, we write this article, I’ll explain 5 things you need to know before purchasing a leather accessory! Follow!

#1 Care to keep your leather accessory

Many bags and backpacks are getting worn out over time and lose the beauty they had when they were purchased. But it’s not just use that causes them to be deteriorated. The way they are stored can also contribute with your degradation.
So, to keep your leather accessory always beautiful, it is essential to have care in time to keep it in the closet.
The first tip is to keep your purse, wallet or bag in a bag. Many of them, including, are sold with this coating, which helps your conservation.
However, if you do not have the bag, you can improvise with a pillow pillowcase. The bag or pillowcase bar ventilation and not transfer the color of an accessory for another in the closet.
Another suggestion is for the conservation of the format of the attachment. It is very common that, over time, the rounded shape or square of a purse or backpack is lost.
To prevent this from happening, fill all your interior with a crumpled parchment paper before putting it away. Warning: never put roles of magazine or newspaper in its accessories. The ink may stain the product permanently!

#2 the correct cleaning of the article purchased

Cleaning a leather item must also be made with care and attention. The tip here is to avoid any kind of industrial product to clean your accessory. Prefer a white cotton cloth and dry. He will be able to remove any dirt and prevent it from accumulating, if the procedure is done every day.
In addition, if it rains and the leather becomes wet, never use the hairdryer. Facing this situation, the cotton cloth will be also your great ally to dry the bag or backpack.

Hydration is critical annual #3

Many people who buy leather accessories do not know, but this type of material needs to be hydrated constantly. This practice preserves the brightness and the color of your purse or wallet.
Ideally, the hydration is held one to two times a year, with moisturizer specific to leather, which is often sold in shoe stores. And to apply the product, also use a cotton fabric.

#4 looks tips with bag, wallet or backpack leather

Leather is a super versatile and timeless material. In addition to go with everything, can still be used on a number of occasions and seasons. For this reason, nothing better than knowing combine it with different styles and looks.
Leather handbags should be the protagonists of your visual. Stylish and bold, the basic colors, such as black, white and beige, combine perfectly with a more elaborate look. On the other hand, the colorful bags are ideal for a look. In General, should monitor monochrome pieces.
For the wallets, backpacks and briefcases, the rule is the same. Leather accessory must be highlighted, if the look is more basic. Or can also be an add-on, if it is a combination of several pieces, more detached.

#5 How to choose the right leather accessory for you

When choosing an accessory, thought long and hard on your beauty and we forget that it must combine with our personality. First of all, the leather item must match with your personal and professional style.
For people who use more social clothes, for example, a casual bag will not match the formal style. Similarly, a more social leather accessory does not match a stripped look.
Now that you know all about care, cleaning, storage and combination of a leather accessory in your visual, it’s time to choose your! Get inspired with the options of our catalogue and buy the right leather accessory for your style!