Know How to Wear the Right Belt for You

The Right Belt For You.

Belts are indispensable accessories in our wardrobe, right?
There are thin, medium and thick belts, but do you use it correctly?
Just as they can give a charm to the production, they can also ruin your look.
And to have no mistake you need to pay attention to details that make all the difference. Follow the tips and see which belt will highlight your beauty.

1 – Thin Belt

According to thedresswizard, the thin belt makes for a delicate and feminine look! Indicated for the small ones and also for those who have little waist, like the physical type rectangular. For those who have little waist definition, wear thin belt with flowing clothes, to create the illusion of thin waist, can also be to close productions with cardigans and straight dresses.

2 – Medium Belt

The medium belt is the most demoralized of all and timeless, as a universal modeling goes for all body types. They are indicated mainly for those who are overweight or have a bar that you want to disguise and if it is the same tone of clothing or a tone on tone favors even more. Already for you that wants to give a vintage touch to the look, depending on the buckle this belt is the key piece!

3 – Long Belt

This is the most dangerous of all! The wide belt does not favor everyone, so BE CAREFUL. Because it is bigger, a lot of people “think” that it is able to hide the belly out of shape, but in fact it creates more volume, enhancing the belly region.
They are indicated for those who are very skinny and for the high, if you are skinny and short, wear the thick belt with the same tone of clothing or a tone close to not cut the silhouette, for you that is thin and high is released the belt with contrast.
These are basic rules, but they can be broken as it will depend a lot on the model and color of your belt. But for the rules to be broken, have good sense and that your mirror can do for you!