Protect sensitive areas with Knielingen!

Armwarmers, legwarmers and knee warmers are whether you now are on mountain bike, road bike, or touring bike best accessories for lovers of the bicycle -. The small and lightweight coats are a more effective heat protection and complete a functional clothing. < br / > the following is about the properties of Knielingen and therefore, what you should consider when buying. Not every model is appropriate, so here the relevant information for the purchase.

Characteristics and differences of Knielingen

Knee warmers are anatomically shaped, short coats to the knee. They cover a smaller area than the whole arm or leg warmers and hence a different purpose. While the other variants in cool weather are worn and then, when it gets warmer, from length, Kneewarmers remain mostly where they belong. Because they have the purpose of the sensitive knee permanently before cooling to protect < br / > generally speaking the fact that temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius the knee longer activities should be covered, to prevent future stress injuries. As a bicycle ride or even a run round at 10 degrees often with short pants is still enjoyable, you can supplement the shorts with Knielingen and so carefree sports. < br / > the material, the fit and supplements are important details at Knielingen. Usually, Kneewarmers consist of synthetic fibres, which are elastic. Wool provides warmth, a membrane provides excellent weather protection. Definitely the right model is for each and every use, z.Bsp. Löffler, Endura, Mavic, Pearl Izumi! < br / > the Kneewarmers should not be too long, are snug, but not tight or pinch pedaling and especially not slip. To avoid this, there are models with silicone inserts at the waist. So stick the Kneewarmers well on the skin and stay there where they should be. Reflectors or preformed left / right models round off the overall picture.