Kids backpacks (10)

The little grab big: kids backpacks

Whether in the forest nursery, on the hiking day at school or for your holiday on Lake Garda: for fun there’s a wide range of special children backpacks, so that also the offspring is always well equipped. In the following you can learn what you should consider when buying a kids backpack.

Find size for kids backpacks

, There are backpacks for children in sizes of approximately 4 litres up to a volume of 40 litres. Differently than in adults dealing with here in the selection of the appropriate size not only the usage purpose. Because children are still in the growth, in particular the bone (spine, hip) not with oversized backpacks should be charged. Also, not every back is long enough for a big backpack. < br / > entry models (4-6 litres) are suitable for the very young. When you go to the kindergarten, the first own child backpack is often purchased. Here the volume information nearly correspond to the age: before the age of three years, one should wear even a backpack! Even then, the load must be here minimum. In such children backpacks is no more than light toys, food or a sweater. < br / > medium-sized backpacks for children (7-10 liters) are ideal for the primary school age. Because in this environment also shorter walks and excursions several hours more often take place, everything you need can be transported this well. Also here is however pay attention to little weight. Children less quickly, should stay better longer with a smaller children’s rucksacks, not the entire torso of the child must meet the back length of the backpack! < br / > large models of children’s backpacks are the equivalents of the backpack in the adults. With a volume of 11 to 20 litres, they provide sufficient space for the equipment you need on a day-long hike. Such backpacks for children are on the ascent of young climbers as suitable as for the bike ride with the parents. < br / > for teenagers (approximately from the admission to a secondary school) there are fully fledged touring rucksacks. They are suitable to accommodate a whole outfit of outdoor clothing for children as well as for the transport of the own sleeping bag with a volume of 30 to 40 liters. Because of the low back length such children backpacks for multi-day tours are also suitable for small women.

Equipping kids backpacks

Kids backpacks bring
depending on the size and age of the target group various features specifically for the little ones with. < br / > entry models come with a stuffed animal for the optics and easy discoverability of the own backpack under the amount of kids backpacks in the kindergarten. In addition, the bag distribution is simple and practical. Sometimes there are special mesh exterior pockets for a water bottle and a transparent front pocket for a name badge. Nice little things like whistle, magnifying glass or a removable seat cushions (for wet ground!) round the picture off. < br / > larger children backpacks are, with regard to the equipment, after big brothers in nothing. Stock holders and cover subjects can be found here as well padded hip belt to the load balancing. < br / > the generous equipment with reflectors to the increased visibility in road traffic is practically on all models.