Kantar September 2015: Huawei Gaining Ground in Europe

Arriving as usual data Kantar on sales of smartphones in the main world markets, updated estimates in late September, and then for the three previous months that coincide with the third quarter of the year. There are no major upheavals, however you are confirmed already anticipated trends in Europe, with Huawei capable of achieving second place among the Android brand (he was sixth in 2014) at the expense of Sony, HTC and Motorola.
In the United Kingdom is iOS to make itself heard through a record growth for the period, sales of iPhones have touched here the 38.3% versus 30.5% last year. Points almost entirely gnawed to Android (now at 51.4%) and Windows Mobile that keeps levels of the 10% threshold being attached to 2014. In the UK the only brand Android into positive ground are Samsung and LG, the first is the leader with 53% and the second has grown from 6 to 9%.
In Italy it happened very little if we compare the data with those of last year, Android sales rose by only a few points (+ 4.6%), while slightly reducing the odds of iOS, now at 10%, and those of Windows Mobile, down by 2.6 points up to 12.6%. The Microsoft platform confirms however second in our country, an important position and confirmed in Europe: in France the market shares are identical (12.3%) and in the five major countries (voice EU5) travelling on levels similar to 10.6%. But here is the second recorded performance, probably pushed by iOS in UK and Germany.
In the United States there were still waves of new iPhone 4S and 6s Plus, we will have to wait for the next survey to get a better picture that new Apple phones will have on the market. The gap between Android and iOS is so unusually large, with the system of the robot to 65.9% and 29.2%, followed by the Cupertino then Windows Mobile losing instead land at 3.9%.
China has registered the second true success of Huawei, first brand in front of Xiaomi and Apple, which has however gained compared to 19.1% in late September 2014 and has the market share. Substantial loss for Android devices, reduced to 77.4% (-5.8 points) also forWindows Mobile, finally competitive with 3 percent share (up from the 0.4%).