Jewelry: the Trends for the Year

Jewelery is subject to changing fashions. The current trend is: less is more. Instead of pomp and glitter now fine understatement is announced. For this, more emphasis is placed on high-quality materials. It is particularly gold. In addition to white gold and yellow gold, Rosé gold is the absolute top seller. The warm tone of Rosé gold fits to the pastel tones of the current fashion as well as to strong and clear colors, which are also in vogue. The mixture of various shades of gold is very timely. Jewelery limited to a single color is even considered fade. The trinkets have become a total filigree. Now, narrow Ruffs with delicate followers, which range in the cleavage, are an absolute must.

A chain of Hazzard

A woman must be limited to only a chain. The best she is wearing several fine chains in various Golden tones and different lengths. Also especially long chains are returned with large trailers. They are especially good for thick knitted sweaters or jackets. Also known as statement chains remain up-to-date.But, you should be worn as individual pieces. In addition to fine chains in addition to trailers, also bracelets and rings remain simple and tender. In addition to narrow, gold bangles to wear delicate chains bracelets in a refined look with small knots and also with delicate pendants. Also bracelets with engraved plates similar to the baptism bracelets are trendy.

Reinterpreted big Pearls – Pearl Jewelry

Also pearl jewelry is now up to date. But it is less the classic Pearl necklace, but striking and large pearls, which are applied as a solitary or in pairs on chains. You seem to float almost to the neck. If the neck conspicuously is decorated, you can omit the earrings. Who loves earrings, must not abandon. The earrings have large, eye-catching pendant now as opposed to the chains and bracelets. A special trend is wearing two different earrings. If you opt for wearing the current statement earrings, restraint tends to be offered at the jewelry for the neck.
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New jewelry for the wrist – bracelets

In addition to the tender Gliederarmbändern and gold tires, the trend-conscious woman wears now so-called Armcuffs. These are wide bracelets, which can be filled with flashy semi-precious stones or pearls.Also in watches, rather large models are preferred. At the front, the boyfriend watches remain. You have wide bracelets, large dials and fit an eye-catcher for thrifty outfits. The current jewelry remains altogether so quite varied, so that no woman must bend their type or deny. A novelty for the finger “first knuckle ring”.These are delicate rings that will worn on the top knuckle and seem especially great if hands are clean and narrow.
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Jewelry in the style of the 60s

The modern man prefers clear and modern design for the jewelry or fashion accessory in The favorite materials are steel and titanium, but also high-tech materials like carbon and ceramics here. Also the vintage look is the man to face as well. The shift to jewelry forms of the 1960s is men especially in the clock mode to experience.World famous watch manufacturers such as glass works are committed clearly to the 60s design. But a touch of Tiffany blows to the new jewellery for ladies. Overall, the new jewelry trends are exciting and there’s something for everyone.