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Jewelry Inspired By The Malevolent Film With Angelina Jolie-Photos
The photos are of the jewels and the beautiful Angelina Jolie dressed as Maleficent in the film, which will be released on 29 may 2014, Thursday in theaters.
The film, which tells the story of the Witch of the short story “sleeping beauty”, has as its villain and protagonist Angelina Jolie and yielded a partnership between Disney and the Crow’s Nest Fine Jewellery, jewelry line inspired by the character who sells jewelry models with Dragon, fire , thorns and feathers.
In the United Kingdom Vogue Web site, the information shows the collection with seven contemporary pieces ranging from rings and bracelets inspired by the Malevolent earcuffs, are dark but beautiful pieces that try to portray the character misunderstood that led to inspiration, explains the designer Daniel Belevitch.

Jewelry Inspired By The Character Of The Evil Movie

Check out the pictures of the jewelry inspired by Maleficent, the witch who put a spell on the beautiful aurora, Elle Fanning’s character.
Most jewelry is made from rhodium black and a ring is yellow gold, inspired by the fire. The parts cost of 2500 pounds, the equivalent of an average R $9,348, 13500 pounds, some R $50,481.