Jack Wolfskin Functional Underwear

The second skin for fans: functional underwear

The choice of the appropriate first layer is the basis for a pleasant body climate for outdoor activities in the truest sense of the word. What different materials have functional clothing, and what are their advantages and disadvantages for different applications is explained here.

Simple and effective: the onion principle for functional underwear

Functional underwear and breathable excess clothing reflect the natural cooling mechanism of the body, by ensuring that sweat is transported away from the skin. Materials such as synthetic or wool absorb the moisture and allow them escape in the form of water vapour to the outside.
Allows a pleasant feeling despite effort. Depending on the outside temperature and subjective cold sensation, combining multiple (thin) layers of functional clothing. So you can adapt flexibly the environment in changing weather conditions or taking off the layers. A weather-resistant jacket or pants (Hardshell, softshell) wear as outerwear. Fleece and synthetic materials form the middle layer. Yet the most important situation is the one that is located directly on the skin: functional underwear.

Sleeveless fit for functional underwear

To secure that the sweat is absorbed by the material, functional underwear must be worn closely to the skin. Because it’s stretchy fabrics, no unpleasant feeling arises. Functional clothing should always be tried because of the cut. There are also functional underwear for ladies with a tapered cut.

Functional underwear: material properties and thermal performance

Functional clothing is either made of polyester materials or made of merino wool. Blends are the breathability of the functional underwear only, if the cotton remains low, otherwise suffers. Technical shirts contain different types of materials or thicknesses according to the zones of the body. Functional clothing is generally quick-drying, lightweight and highly breathable polyester. It is advisable for activities with high physical exertion and short tours. Their disadvantage is the odor.
Wool, however, is odorless, very warm and very healthy. Functional underwear Merino is therefore suitable for multi day tours and even endurance activities. The drying time is wool polyester fabrics inferior. < br / > no Matter whether with the Wheel in the Office or on the Ski: A good Functional Underwear ensures greater Well-being in any Position!