Interview with Roman Kraus by Fritzi from Prussia + Sweepstakes

Fritzi from Prussia ‘s brand for high-quality young designs that are 100% leather-free. Lovingly given names like Chloe, Ronja, Beatrix and Claudia make the shopper, pouch pockets, and clutches to girlfriends, faithfully accompanying us. Fritzi’s for everyone!
We spoke with Roman Kraus, Managing Director of Fritzi GmbH about the branding, trends and visions. As a special surprise, there is the Shopper Beatrix Berlin to win the summer color Mandarin. Learn more at the end of this article!
How did the creation of the labels Fritzi from Prussia?
2011 my business partner Esther de Wit and I decided to acquire Fritzi from Prussia. The brand originally belonged to Liebeskind Berlin, where it was marketed as a cheap leatherette pendant to the high-priced leather Collections. Successfully with the full-leather designs, lost the founder of love child Berlin the interest of the small brand and wanted to hire them. No long need to think about, we took the bag label. Because we were convinced of its potential from the outset. The idea to offer stylish bags without the use of animal materials, was absolutely to our sense of the Zeitgeist.
Please describe the brand Fritzi from Prussia in one sentence!
Our motto is “Fritzi is here for all!” and so every woman will find the matching bag with us.
What tasks do you have with Fritzi from Prussia?
Together with my business partner Esther de Wit, I’m CEO of Fritzi.
What is the brand of Fritzi from Prussia and what differentiates them from other brands?
The special feature of the Fritzi from Prussia bags: convince a sensational price / performance ratio and are their competitors from the real leather segment when it comes to feel nothing. Our bags are manufactured from treated and partially washed PU foam, which not only looks like leather, but also feels. Another highlight is our diverse product range: we serve all styles from the cosmopolitan clutch over the casual Hobo bag up to the practical trolley bag. Exciting details like braiding elements, fringe or colored Paspelierungen complete the look. And also the lenses we offer a wide selection: Vintagelook, waxed optics or Python-lookalikes are just a few examples of our extensive range of materials. So, we have the suitable Fritzi in petto for every woman.
Who designs the bags with you?
A four-person design team that initially sat in Berlin-Mitte, but now in the headquarters is moved to Hanover is working on the design of our bags.
Where does the inspiration for new bag creations?
A network of international trend Scouts is on the way for Fritzi from Prussia and immersed in a colorful vortex of urban cities, to track the latest trends and moods directly on the pulse of time. Based on these trends, extensive designs, shapes and coloring are created to season after season.
Where are the development of Fritzi from Prussia?
2008 has started the brand with pockets, for the season spring/summer 2015, we have successfully added our product portfolio to shoes. To the spring/summer 2016 our line extension continues and we put on a new product: denim. Despite range expansion, stays true to the brand of Fritzi from Prussia and also continues to follow her creed of the first hour “Fritzi is here for all!”. To meet the tastes of each lady, the denim range is correspondingly extensive and offers a wide selection of fits, washes and colours. By skinny leg to straight Bootcut and flare, Fritzi from Prussia served the full range of cool denim styles by simply until destroyed. We look forward eagerly to the future and look forward to expand the brand.
What trends or colors await us in the future?
New materials, new colors, new styles. We rely on stylish designs and materials and are wider than before, to offer an even more attractive offer for our trade. Through the development of new materials, we can use new trends. A new material from us has a special glow and offers an exciting palette of bold shades to pastel. Certainly, pastel will again have a revival, but also classic colors will remain continue to demand.
What do you have in your Pocket? Or in other words: leave without what 3 things not the House?
I’m a man like flexible. I’m wearing the most important items such as phone, wallet and watch directly on the body.
What do you associate with the term bags?
Bags are a fashion statement for me. They emphasize the personal style of a woman and the most important accessory of the entire look as outfit Ergänzer.
What do you associate with the bag department store?
The bag department store is a competent trade partner for us.
We say thank you to Roman Kraus and wish you continued success with the leather-free jewellery of Fritzi from Prussia!
Win a trendy shopper of brand Fritzi from Prussia: Beatrix Berlin in the color of Mandarin. Comment here below the article up to the 07.08.15, why the right companion for the summer for you this shopper would be accurate, and with a little luck you makes uncertain city and country along. Good luck!