Intelligence in Watches and Bracelets Conquest Manufacturers

The world’s largest technology fair, the CES 2014 closes its doors this Friday (10) showing that is host not only to major releases, but also of trends

The world’s largest technology fair, the CES 2014 closes its doors this Friday (10) showing that is host not only to major releases, but also of trends. Press Conference at booths at the fair, the saw were wearable technology products. Watches, sunglasses and bracelets and are some of the novelties of this year, manufacturers who invest also on cameras to be used by the body.

A pioneer in wearable gadgets was Google, with Google your Glass Project. Presented to developers last year, the glasses with Android that communicates with the user’s smartphone and the internet have inspired other manufacturers to create possible competitors according to
Epson Moverio BT-200 is one of them:the smart glasses projects an image in the user’s field of vision with the help of the lens allowing him to see movies, for example. The choice of what appears in the glasses is made on a touch panel that is attached to the glasses by wire, which in turn works with your Android. The novelty should hit the market for $ $699 according to the CNET site .
For the arms: Smart Watches and bracelets
Another trend of 2013 that come encouraging manufacturers is the smart watch. In this CES, the Pebble presented the second generation of your clock, now called Pebble Steel. The changes relate to the design of the product according to The Verge . The Pebble Steel is less sporty, come with two options of bracelet and will cost $ $100 more than the previous one, $ $249.
Some companies are trying to face the Galaxy Gear from Samsung and the SmartWatch clock 2 from Sony, and even to own Pebble, in a way, bet on some innovations in the concept of smart clock. The Omate with your TrueSmart and the Dutch Burg with the SIMWatch invested in gadgets that act as cell phone, with the chip carrier and everything. Yes, such as smartphones, they make up links. Thinking on competition with Sony and Samsung, LG released a hybrid product, which is smartwatch clock and a workout at the same time.
The Lifeband Touch has a touch-sensitive OLED Panel that displays, among other things, incoming calls the smartphone and your music settings, besides, of course, the distance travelled, speed, number of steps, calories consumed and the rate projected by the user during the fiscal year. Connected to a smartphone, iOS or Android, the device transmits data to the app LG Fitness or so for other applications with similar function as MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper and MapMyFitness.
Bracelets, incidentally, were not lacking. Sony decided to enter the market trackers with a small chip that attached to a bracelet you want to be more than an accessory for amateur sportsmen or not according to the The Verge . The idea of Sony’s Sony Core register not only the user’s physical data, but also information about places he was or photos you took with your smartphone. All information is available in the app Lifelog.
Razer also released a smart bracelet, Nabu, that sends notifications directly from the smartphone user to the attachment and track personal information. The Garmin didn’t stay outside and presented the Vivofit, gadget, among other features, suggests a daily goal for the user, follow your progress and to remember when it’s time for the person to move again.
Changing places: a use and a technological ring
The cameras for use by the clothes also were present at CES 2014. The Autographer is an example of a product that can be stuck on your clothes, purse, or even in a cord around the neck. She takes up to 2000 photos per day in 12 hours of battery life on a single charge and that connects with your smartphone, iOS or Android according to CNET.
And to prove how CES trend may be, even a smart ring can be seen in the stands of the fair which takes place every year in Las Vegas. Zazzi, Fashionteq, according to CNET , is a prop that can be fashion ring, bracelet and necklace. The e-paper screen helps save battery and displays various symbols to alert the user of calls, text messages and e-mails as this is 50 meters far to the smartphone.