Insecta Shoes Launches Line Dedicated to Environmental Causes

As a brand that brings sustainability as a pillar in all aspects of the business, Insecta Shoes – brand of ecological footwear and 100% vegan – has just launched another novelty. Starting this month, the line “Estampe uma Causa” will be available to all customers, which will allocate 20% of sales to socio-environmental institutions throughout the country that will be chosen from time to time.
The first pairs of the campaign will have part of the value destined for the Associação Amigos do Peixe Boi, created 14 years ago to promote the research and protection of the aquatic mammals of the Amazon, and for the project Red Alert, developed by the same institution with the purpose of fighting illegal activities of fishing and hunting, through the engagement and participation of people inside and outside the Amazon region. “This action is part of our vision to have more than one ecological product and think the sustainability of the business as a whole, so we want to allocate part of the sales of this new line to help institutions engaged and concerned about the environment and the environment. preservation of animal life, “says the founding partner of Insecta Shoes, Barbara Mattivy.
The first footwear of the line brings the stamp of the pink ox, an animal in danger of extinction, for the Oxford model, which like other Insecta Shoes products, has insole made in hive format, which guarantees extra comfort, covered in fabric synthetic. The heel also receives more foam and the sole is made of recycled rubber, super malleable and mill, which even allows to fold the shoe in half.