Indoor Ropes

Find correct Indoorseil for the climbing training

Not only for climbing beginners, who are usually on the top rope, but also for ambitious climbers, often projecting a special Indoorseil is exactly right. Here are some hints on what you should look for when buying a rope for the Indoorgebrauch.

Determine length of Indoorseilen

, The first consideration should be which rope length for use in the root climbing hall is sufficient. In addition to the height of the wall, you should consider also overhangs, roofs, and indirect routes history. Although most halls are barely higher than 12 metres, but not enough in a big overhang an Indoorseil with a length of 30m. Count on here rather generously and some meters allow for redundancy! The short version is recommended only for low halls and for climbers who hate to hang in the slant. Principle: particularly in routes-rich and well-attended halls, sufficiently short Indoorseile are more comfortable handling. But who wants to do the Hall rope also with the rock, should be guided towards 60 or 70 metres.

Features of Indoorseilen

To obtain adequate wear protection if used frequently, the Indoorseils mantle share is higher. In addition, Hall ropes are particularly resistant to dust and have a large number of standard crash usually thicker diameter (often above 10 mm). All these features make good Indoorseile the first choice for Toperopekletterer, adventurous and also ensure a long shelf life when used intensively in training!