Importance of Wedding Ring

Traditions about wedding ring are many. But why is the ring so important, and what is it now, one should keep in mind? Wedding ring importance is revealed here.
The ring is one of the oldest wedding traditions. The very idea of the round ring comes from North Africa, where Egyptians merged rushes to rings and bracelets.
Wedding ring as a symbol of love, took the Romans themselves. Later Christianity took over the tradition, and the exchange of the rings was a symbol of the sanctity of marriage and eternal existence.

There are many opinions about whether the ring should be worn on left or right hand. Some believe the left, since it is closest to the heart, while others think right, because it is the hand that people use to deliver the promise of allegiance.
So there is no right and wrong when it comes to placing the ring. Therefore, there are also many who choose to place engagement ring and on the left hand and wedding ring the right. On the other hand, uses the same ring, one can move the ring from the left hand to the right hand.
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