Image of The Week: The High-End Android Arrives Also in Format Compact

Last week was presented at CES the Z1 Compact Xperia, the long-awaited version 4.3 inch diagonal which we already saw Japan as Z1f. It is a terminal that It demarcates the general lines that we see Android to the high-end, with their screens bigger and bigger every year.
It defines also the ‘mini’ updates that we have seen in other big franchise like the HTC One or the S4 Galaxy, perhaps to distance itself from the fall also on the capabilities of these terminals, which have pursued to accompany with a mini price tag. The Compact Z1 deserved to be the image of the week.
And is that since makes time that nobody comes to compete in the high range in a size similar to the iPhone – which teaches there are who dare to call it taboo. Only by this the attention of those that your fingers do not grow them has gained about 0.3 inches a year.
Recall that this Compact Z1 – which we have already had the opportunity of tasting – comes with the same processor and camera of the Z1’s five-inch, 800 Snapdragon and sensor with G Lens of 20.7 megapixels, being unique assignments screen HD (720 p to 1080 p) and (2,300 to 3,000 mAh) battery.
This morning Sony also unveiled the preferred price of output (so it is hoped that we can find it for a few tens of euros less within weeks of its release) this terminal, containing about his brother, with 549 euros, 550 if we add headphones wireless Sony DR-BTN200M (valued at other 99 euros). Do you think you?