Image of The Week: Android Manufacturers Still Have Duties to Lightening The Bloatware

The stamp is common: a high-end phone, usually ‘of 16 gigs’, which is filled with surprisingly fast. When we go to look at, the prize came with that layer of personalization so flavored that brings manufacturer on duty, with additives that contribute little or nothing to the user.
It is the well-known-bloatware, making phones like the S4 Galaxy come already in its most standard with less than 9 GB available finally user. Which guys have developed a small classification with some of the most famous smartphones, and the ability to finally have free versions of 16 GB.
As we can see, the problem is not born – at least fully – Android, since Google brings in your Nexus 5 more free capacity that left the most complete version of iOS on iPhone 5S. We began to see the effects with phones like the Xperia Z1, which adds other 750 MB to the lot, in what many consider a fairly light customization layer.
Another more giga adds HTC in its Mini One (the One does not appear to come with 32GB of series), similar to the LG G2 that stays on about 10 GB. The extreme case is, once again, Samsung with its 8.56 GB.
This added software adds the insistence of the manufacturers to come to the market with high-end 16 GB phone, When only for subjects of resolutions and bandwidths should have made the leap of this size to 32 GB. Although we will always have the option change ROM, or remove applications that come factory.