Ice Axe for Alpine Climbing

With the correct ice pick on high tour!

Glacier, Sun and a breathtaking mountain panorama – what you can as a mountaineer better imagine? For the planned climb to success, too, is selecting the right equipment of vital importance. While a good ice-axe in matching length next to the correct functional clothing, suitable shoes, a comfortable backpack and the crampons is one of the basic equipment of every Hochtourengängers. But how do you find the matching ice axe for the selected tour?

The ice axe should be adapted to the terrain

In the 1970s ice axe were used for every alpine company in the snow and ice – by the climb up the wall of ice. Today, a large number of ice axes to choose is the mountaineers, whose purpose of simple glacier tours up to demanding companies in steep terrain range.
As a rule of thumb, that ice axe with a straight shank for flatter sections of the glacier completely sufficient, as they are used here primarily as a walking stick. Ice axe with a curved shaft used in steep terrain, however, which are better suited for climbing. A rubber in the grip area improves the grip and facilitates the use of a Schaftzugpickel. Ice climbing, however, two ice tools are recommended!

The correct length for the ice axe

As a rule of thumb recommends buying an axe the literature, the ice pick to choose that he touched not the ground with outstretched arm. In recent years, many climbers to shorter pimples, which certainly has its purpose in steeper terrain tend. Many ultralight ice pick, as they have mainly mainstream emergency here, are often very short. How when the curvature is so also when choosing lengths, to decide what tours to plan in advance.