Hydration Systems for Hiking

Always well supplied with the appropriate drinking system

Ski tour, race or alpine climbing: A hydration system in the hydration Pack provided helps to keep stable water supply on tour and thereby offers easy handling. Popular manufacturer of hydration systems are, for example, the company source and Platypus. Here you can learn what to consider before purchasing a drinking system is.

Determine the correct size of the drinking system

There are hydration systems up to six litres in volume sizes by one. First, you should consider what activities the reservoir is mainly transported. For shorter cycling or hiking tours, as well as competitions (marathons and cycling races), the small version is good enough. For longer tours from a duration of more than two hours and for summer adventure greater hydration system makes more sense. So an adequate fluid supply is guaranteed and it saves repeated filling of the reservoir. Very large bags from 3 liters are recommended especially for day – and multi-day tours and expeditions. In addition systems of this size bring the advantage that they can be used by using a special shower head instead of the drinking hose at the camping as outdoor shower (a black bag it is advisable then)! Is a hydration system is also good for cooking at the tents in all sizes and can be connected with the use of a water filter to.

Backpack hydration systems compatibility

Most are hydration packs backpacks from a volume of 20 litres with a pocket for hydration bladder and an output for the drinking tube. In addition to a basic compatibility of the backpack with hydration systems is to make sure that the full bladder still meet larger variants of the drink bags attention find space in the compartment provided for this purpose! Mostly the drinking system sits next to the back , which burden-sharing more pleasant design. Some models have special compartments on the side to sit for faster access. Who prefer more often would like to refill a small drink pouches, should look for such a model.

Design and accessories of hydration systems

Ensure durability and abrasion resistance, hydration systems nylon or tear-resistant polyester fabrics usually consist of robust Cordura. Hose as well as bladder without released plastics (BPA) and are relatively tasteless. Plastic materials is guaranteed no lasting taste neutrality by using juices or tea of course. Therefore there are special brushes for cleaning the drinking system. In winter to take warm liquid, there is own insulation systems for bags and hoses. With a layer of insulation for pipes (E.g. by Platypus) prevents the freezing of liquid in the hose when icy temperatures. An aluminum case for the water pouch keeps warm the drink also on long trips.