Hybrid helmets (26)

Perfect protection while climbing through hybrid helmets

, An extensive climbing tour holds many dangers. Because a good head protection is extremely important, a high-quality hybrid helmet is an essential part of the climbing equipment. No matter whether an accident can rocks, falls or shocks – always happen. Hybrid climbing helmets offer an optimal level of safety the head and make for a successful tour, which will not be overshadowed by an accident.

What is a hybrid climbing helmet?

Hybrid helmets combine the positive characteristics of hard shell helmets and foam helmets. The outer shell of a hybrid climbing helmet consists of a sturdy plastic shell, which is usually made of ABS. The mostly consisting of EBS hard foam element inside the hybrid helmets provides the extra security of portion of. The hard outer shell of the hybrid climbing helmet protects the head against bumps, boulders or the equipment of belaying which has detached themselves from the harness. The inner shell again absorb the impact and reduces the energy, which affects the head.

What must hybrid helmets can?

In the worst of all cases of hybrid helmet must protect always optimally the head also. Therefore, hybrid helmet, like all other climbing helmets must be also, a standard test set according to strict guidelines. Only when this test is passed, the hybrid helmet as a climbing helmet is allowed on the market. This ensures that the hybrid climbing helmet protects the head always sufficient.
Optimum fit and comfort are
important. When the hybrid helmet is not properly seated, presses or tweaks that can be very quickly distracting. Hybrid climbing helmets to not become the burden, care should be taken when purchasing essential, that the helmet firmly. Many hybrid helmets can be adapted through various adjustment systems of the shape of the head of the carrier