Huawei Works with Samsung to Launch Smart Watch

Tizen is an operating system that is easily attributed to Samsung. However, it has open source, which allows any company to develop based on it. Although rare, it happens and that is exactly what Huawei plans to do. According to speculation from a foreign newspaper, the Chinese company is planning to launch a smartwatch with the Tizen system instead of Android Wear, which is being used in Huawei handsets.
It is not yet known when Huawei intends to launch this new smartwatch with Tizen according to, but it is speculated that this will not happen before the end of this year.However, it is already possible to expect that it has several interesting functions, since Samsung’s own smart watches use Tizen and have managed to win users.Anyway, we still have to wait until we see the specifications of this possible smartwatch with Tizen from Huawei.
Although it was the company chosen by Google to develop the Nexus 6P last year, Huawei does not seem to have a very good relationship with the search giant. According to a company representative, “Huawei was looking for an operating system other than Android as the US company has not been very collaborative.”
It is also worth remembering that neither Samsung nor Huawei commented on this, so you have to stand back.Anyway, it would be very interesting to see a new system gaining strength with other companies, since, so far, only Samsung works on Tizen, which is equipped with some low-cost smartphones and smart watches.
And you, reader, would like to see a Huawei smartwatch with Tizen?