Huawei Wants to Use Tizen Instead of Android Wear

The Smartwatches hold their own against the market. The big manufacturers bring between again and again new models on the shelves, which should complement the functionality of your smartphones meaningfully. Huawei itself has only released a watch, which runs with the operating system Android Wear. Now, however, various sources report that in China, the Tizen system from Samsung is now ready.

Suboptimal Collaboration With Google

The history of Smartwatch has been less successful than it was previously thought. Usually the watches are too expensive and too limited in their functionality to sell really well. This year, Huawei should have delayed its publication because Google was supposed to come late with the software around the corner. This is reason enough for the watch phone manufacturer to change to another system. Now Tizen from Samsung is at the top of the wish list.
Huawei said that Google would have been very conservative in the course of working with Huawei. Wishes of the manufacturer should have been little or not at all fulfilled, so that afterwards some adjustments were necessary. Since Huawei had his own ideas at his Smartwatch, which were not to be renounced, it seemed to be decided to end the cooperation. Since the alternatives to Android Wear are probably quite rare, remained as the first candidate Samsung with its Tizen OS.
Tizen itself is a sleek and functional operating system that could only be established on Samsung devices, but runs very smoothly and has the potential to be interesting for other manufacturers as well. With Huawei could have found a strong partner, with which Samsung its software a little more efficiently in the market can spread.